Brew white thyme
Great-grandmother is a little to learn to understand herbs. Very often in the summer I come to visit her I went to the pasture and picked wild thyme, dried and drank tea. And my great-grandmother used to put it in the brew. The brew was flavorful, delicious and very fragrant.


  • Brew

    1 l

  • Honey

    2 Tbsp

  • Thyme

    2 Tbsp


I have a jar of dried thyme, great-grandmother there for many years, but traditionally it is harvested, added to tea, and in summer when it is hot make sure the beverage from the brew with thyme. Brew white sour "a Family secret" is very suitable.
In a glass of kvass, add dry thyme leaves, add honey.
Pour the glass into a ladle and boil (1-2 minutes after boiling).
Strain, cool.
Add the rest of the brew, leave for a few hours, chill and serve.
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