Opens my star week legendary lunch from the cult film by Quentin Tarantino "pulp fiction". Juicy, passionate and delicious, same as the characters in the film - John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Meet - hamburger "Durwood Kirby" and a milkshake "Martin and Lewis".


  • Minced meat

    200 g

  • Roll

    2 piece

  • Red onion

    1 piece

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Tomato paste

    70 g

  • Cilantro

    20 g

  • Cucumber

    2 piece

  • Lettuce

    2 slice

  • Cherry tomatoes

    4 piece

  • Mustard

    20 g

  • Banana

    2 piece

  • Ice cream

    200 g

  • Milk

    200 ml

  • Cranberry

    10 piece

  • Olive oil

    30 g

  • Basil

    10 g


Before you begin cooking the hamburger, I suggest You to plunge into the atmosphere of retro cafe called "the Cunning hare", where the characters John Travolta and Uma Thurman order food. In this kičevo place all the waiters look like movie stars, the heroine of uma Thurman orders a whopper "Durwood Kirby" and a milkshake for $ 5, the cost of which comes as a shock Travolta. He still can not understand what's so special about it... good food, sharp dialogues and unusual story - a visiting card of the film. And the legendary dance of the actors have long entered the history of cinema.
So, let's get to cooking hamburger. We need ground beef. You can use a ready-made or make your own.
Finely chop white onion and 1 clove garlic.
Onions and garlic fry in a little olive oil.
In the beef add the Dijon mustard, cilantro, onion and garlic. All mix, salt to taste and sculpt cakes.
Fry patties in olive oil for 2-3 minutes on each side. Burgers are not very well keep their shape, so it's best to fry them right the first time.
To warm up the bun for hamburgers in the oven, pan or toaster.
Prepare the sauce red onions and garlic fry in olive oil.
Add tomato paste, fresh Basil and salt. Boil down to a thick sauce (about 4 minutes).
For a Burger we will need: iceberg, pickled cucumber, a little red onion and cherry tomatoes.
Collect our dinner - on a bun, spread some sauce, a leaf of iceberg, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes and red onions.
Put a spoon of sauce and cover the 2nd half of the buns.
And the final touch of our lunch - milkshake for $ 5, "Martin and Lewis". I originally planned to post it as a separate recipe, but it is so simple to prepare that I decided not to waste Your time.
So, in blender, whip the banana (1 piece), add ice cream (100 gr.) and milk (100 ml). Beat again. Pour into a tall glass, add 5 cranberries and decorate with a slice of banana or cherry.
That's all, we have the famous milkshake for $ 5.
And no less famous whopper "Durwood Kirby". Bon appétit and happy viewing!
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