Pizza dough without yeast
The dough for those who loves crunchy things. The website has a huge number of recipes of pizzas and, accordingly, variants of dough. I had the strength to only view the first three pages given by the search, and such a test I found, so I decided to expose him. The recipe is found on some cooking forum, the author is not remembered, but still a huge thanks to him.


  • Flour

    2 cup

  • Milk

    0.5 cup

  • Salt

    1 tsp

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Vegetable oil

    2 Tbsp


In a bowl pour 2 cups flour and mix with salt.
In a separate bowl mix eggs, milk and oil until smooth (do not whisk, and stir it).
Gradually, in small portions, pour the egg-milk mixture into the flour, stirring constantly.
The flour should completely absorb the liquid and the result is a homogeneous, sticky mass.
Now begin to knead the mass with your hands, periodically prisypaya her and hands with flour.
The result after 10 minutes it turns out very soft, elastic and smooth dough. Trust me, this dough is so nice to touch, which is the process of mixing will be very difficult to put down.
The prepared dough formed in a ball and zamatyvaem in a wet towel. Leave on the table for 15 minutes.
Table sprinkle with flour and roll out our ball as thin as possible. The finished sheet should show through. Due to the elasticity of the dough, even the thinnest layer is not so easy to break, so don't be afraid. The dough raised at one edge, like a tablecloth, and placed on a sheet.
The "stuffing" I miss, everyone has their own favorite set. The dough is baked for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees (although again, look at your oven), becomes Golden sand color and inflates small crispy bubbly, so get a light layered look. Simply delicious!!!
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