Sunday pie pita
Why Sunday? Yes, because the most delicious pie – this pie piping hot, and most of us have time for a long Breakfast is only on Sunday. I want to tell you That I love you, And a bird in the sky to fly, Welcoming the spring! My whole life now is just you, you and my love. Only you, again and again, saying All this, My crazy love, give It to you.


  • Pita

    1 pack

  • Minced meat

    500 g

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Mushrooms

    300 g

  • Tomato

    100 g

  • Greens

    1 coup

  • Cheese

    120 g

  • Sour cream

    3 Tbsp

  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Butter

    20 g

  • Salt

  • Black pepper


First prepare the filling, they will have two. Mushrooms, if fresh, boil and slice, if salted or pickled, wash them with water and cut, I have a third option - boiled, sliced and frozen, I just thaw and squeeze excess moisture. Mushrooms mixed with chopped tomatoes and finely chopped greens, it will be our first filling
In forcemeat add finely chopped onion, add a little salt, pepper and mix well
Now you can start assembling the pie. Detachable form grease with butter
The sheet of lavash cut into two halves, on the edges put the meat (not the whole, smaller half)
Collapse rolls
Put the rolls in the form, therefore, a surplus crop, and use the following ring with the stuffing.
Make the same rolls with mushroom stuffing
Spread ring ruletikom with mince, but not too tight
Further, alternating rings with toppings, fill the entire form
Prepare the sauce: mix the sour cream, eggs and cheese, grated on a coarse grater
Fill the cake, trying to fill all the gaps between the rolls and sent in a preheated 200-220 degree oven. Cook until Golden brown approximately 35-40 minutes, it all depends on your oven.
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