Night dough and products of it
"Very comfortable" - is the main characteristic of this test. If there is no time, you can prepare it, refrigerate, and there it will slowly rise. And in the morning You get a great product for baking, which is soft, tender and fluffy. The only drawback for this test need mixer, better stationary. It will help You quickly and easily knead the dough because it turns sticky and his hands knead hard. There is a very similar recipe. It is also called "Khrushchev" test, but нем250 g butter. In this recipe, it is three times less. And the result is excellent. Useful for those who are not to fatty foods.


  • Milk

    250 ml

  • Yeast

    7 g

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Flour

    3.5 cup

  • Butter

    80 g

  • Sugar

    0.5 cup

  • Salt

    0.5 tsp


In a small bowl, pour warm (almost room temperature) milk, add yeast and stir with a spoon. Pour the milk with yeast in the bowl of a mixer, add the eggs (shake well) and mix nozzle-hook on low speed. To fill up the sifted flour, then sugar and mix on slow speed for about 4 minutes until all components are connected. Without stopping the mixer, gradually add pieces of butter and mix on moderate speed for another 5-6 minutes, until it is completely absorbed and a large part of the test will not begin to gather around the nozzle. Add the salt and mix for another minute or two. The dough will look like thick, soft and sticky mass. You can leave the dough in the bowl or transfer to a deep bowl. Cover the container with the dough with cling film and leave in refrigerator - let it slowly comes up there all night.
In the morning take the dough out of the fridge. Spread on a surface covered with flour. Knead well and divide into two parts. While we will work with one, the second let is in the fridge. Cold dough is very easy to work, it is easily rolled. Build it all You like. Muffins, pies, rolls. Turn on the oven and heat it at a temperature of 180 degrees. Lubricate product egg yolk, give rasstoyatsya 15-20 minutes until it rises twice. Put it in the oven. Baking time depends on the size of the product and the oven.
Here are scones with cream.
Cream pie.
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