Yeast dough
... for cakes, rolls, buns and pies. This dough is not quite the usual way, allowing the products for a long time not to get stale, the cakes are not "heavy&a mp;quot;! The recipe of Faith with Djazzed Coock, for which her thank you from our family. I will say in secret, at first I thought to put the recipe (or rather first thought, but then changed his mind, due to catastrophic lack of time :), but when my mother (a woman with 30 years of experience baking pies and cakes), I love the twist of this test, asked for the recipe... I decided that I need to show you. I'm sure many it will come in handy!!!


  • Vegetable oil

    0.25 cup

  • Butter

    50 g

  • Margarine

    50 g

  • Sugar

    1.5 cup

  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Milk

    0.5 l

  • Yeast

    50 g

  • Salt

    0.25 tsp

  • Flour

    7 cup


So, take the eggs and whisk until stiff foam
Milk pour into a saucepan and heat before the advent of steam. Remove from the heat and add a little milk into the beaten eggs, mix well. After this manipulation all the eggs sent with the milk and put back on the fire, literally 1 min to the mass is heated to 50-60 C, stirring constantly. Further, to quote the author: "do Not overheat, otherwise the eggs cook and the dough will not rise, cakes will turn out heavy and not airy. Netegrity better than overheating the eggs! I always check the temperature with your hand, dipped his finger in the milk - as the fingers are very hot, is enough to heat. This point puts many off, but really nothing complicated and "scary" here - the main thing to be attentive. But this procedure involved heating will allow you to get baking, which does not get stale for a very long time, your cakes a week will be as fresh." Remove from the heat and still hot mass add margarine, butter, half vegetable oil, vanilla, sugar and salt, stir to dissolve butter and sugar. If the mass is not hot (take a pen and try :)) ), add the yeast (dry pre-soak in 2 tbsp milk), stir and add flour until the dough is the consistency of a on pancakes. If the yeast is good and you don't digest eggs or don't put the yeast in too hot a lot on the surface will appear here such wonderful bubbles. Cover and put the whole thing on 2 hours in a warm place. This is our sourdough.
After 2 hours resulting in a rising bubble and the dough
Then add gradually flour and knead very soft dough not hard. Faith quote: "the Dough, knead well, gradually adding the remaining vegetable oil. When I kneaded the dough the flour is not added, so it is not stiff. Kneaded with the aid of vegetable oil, grease a table with oil, spread the dough and begin to knead the dough, gradually adding oil. The next batch of oil I pour only after the previous has completely interfered in the dough. Pour oil slowly - so it is easier to intervene and the dough does not slide on the table. Gradually blend oil will allow us to obtain a layered structure of the test - if you otschipnet a piece of crumb from the buns and pull him what you have in hand is a thin piece of dough. If the dough is knead is bad, then the result is simply delicious butter cakes, and well mixed dough will give a fibrous, layered structure of the test holes will be oblong, elongated upwards. Knead for 10-15 minutes, the dough loves hands. The finished dough will be soft, smooth, slightly sticky but leaves no residue on the hands. The flour for cakes should take the highest quality! Flour be sure to sift 2-3 times to make the flour enriched with oxygen. Since flour is always different, the exact number is difficult to know, need to focus on the appearance of the test. The dough should not be steep and should not spread. It should be very soft, but not to reach for a hand, then baking is airy and not very dense. Somewhere I read that if a knife to cut the dough and the knife will not leave traces in the dough enough flour. The dough should be soft, elastic and pliable. I will give you an approximate amount of flour on appropriate amount of milk, but again - focus on the appearance of the test! 2 HP - 4600-4800г 1l - 2200-2,400 g 0.5 l - 1100-1200G 0.25 L. - 550-600g "
Put the dough in a warm place and during the ascent, obtinem 2-3 times If you want to get more muffins, the recipe will be 0.5 liters of milk, 1.5-2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 2 egg yolks, 75 g plums. oil, 75g of margarine, 1/3 Cup (~80g). Rast. oil 2,5-3 tsp dry yeast, vanilla, spices, raisins, candied fruit to your taste, 1/4 tsp of salt. approximately 7 cups of flour (to focus on the external form of the test) For cakes the number of eggs need to double!!!
Well, after doing test is that "doing". I was "doing" to make braids with poppy seeds and nuts :)) Thank you SVETAnet for making braided http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/34 269/!!!
Put to rise for products to increase volume twice. Lubricated yolk and in the oven :))
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