Herring pie
Preparing last week's table for my husband's birthday and housewarming, so to speak 2 in 1 salad consisted of half a herring, from the other salad was cottage cheese, boiled eggs were available, thought, throw a pity, food and so much... and then came up with the idea.. remember the motives of mincemeat: all grind in a food processor and add butter.. In General, it's so delicious namesake, made some sandwiches and put between the other, decorated with parsley leaves. First, like somehow nobody eyes put.. decided to advertise. The next day the remaining guests at the salads already could not look.. and the sauce disappeared in direct proportion to the decrease of bread, without a trace, and even the container was licked clean..))) such is, but mine is slightly different. Today already been made 2 times larger, and placed in the freezer in case unexpected guests. And also very good at helping those who eat Breakfast in the morning, and if it still put on toasted bread a piece of toast... um... bliss!!! Like anything new and special, but now I found that very helpful!


  • Herring

    1 piece

  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Cheese

    3 piece

  • Butter

    1 pack

  • Greens


Eggs boil, clean. Herring undressed on fillet, even if it remains small bones - nothing, in the pate they will not be noticeable. The cheese is released from the wrappers, oil is allowed to stay at room temperature to soften. Here is our set of products.
Take a food processor, or blender, or chopper - what you have in the house. We cut our products to smaller pieces and loaded into the bowl. You can make multiple servings, I have a large bowl, I threw all at once, however, in the process once stopped, and stirred with a spoon.. the first time I had herring was chopped finely for a salad, and the cheese smeared on a fine grater - consistency turned out very smooth, today the pieces were larger, turned a little pieces. Pick and choose what you like more.
Grind all at high speed. If it turns out a little pustovato, you can add a little soft butter, I have butter stored in the freezer, so I added a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise (just do not throw Slippers and ladies).
Next, I half pate put into a container for freezing, and in the second half added frozen dill and a little more plumped up, put in another container for freezing. I really wanted to try the pate on grenock.. Cut off the bread and fried with 2 sides.
Smeared with pate, yummy unusual!!! Missed leaf parsley.. but she's not home. Try it, I think, will not remain indifferent, and Breakfast will be tastier and more convenient.
But these jars are in the freezer waiting in the wings.
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