Pate en croute Pate in pastry
I love French food and anything with myself I can :) This dish I tasted for the first time with my mother in law in Normandy and fell in love with him. I decided to try my luck and cook it myself. The dish is complicated, time-consuming preparation, but the result is worth it :)


  • Beef

    350 g

  • Pork

    250 g

  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Nutmeg

    0.5 tsp

  • Salt

  • Shallots

    2 piece

  • Dry white wine

    0.5 l

  • Spices

    1 coup

  • Flour

    250 g

  • Butter

    125 g

  • Olive oil

    1 Tbsp

  • Gelatin

    15 g

  • Broth

    300 g

  • Black pepper


In order to prepare this dish, you will need at least 2 days. But best of 3. :-) Let's just say, if you need to get it ready on Saturday for lunch, you need to start marinating the meat on Wednesday night. Take both pieces of meat and follow how to wash and dry. Pork is better to take fatter.
Cut 2/3 of each kind of meat with a knife (finely).
Grind the rest in a blender or mince. All mix thoroughly, add salt, pepper and add nutmeg.
Put it all in a bowl. Slice two shallots into long pieces, stacked on top of the meat, then put the mix of spices (Bay leaf, etc.), pour white wine to cover. Leave it in the cold for two days.
Two days later, take out the meat from the refrigerator, pour wine, take out and throw aromatic herbs, collect the bow and put it away.
Onions finely chop and lightly saute in butter. Add to the meat. Cut into very small pieces of dried pork or bacon.
Also added to the meat. And there is the egg. Adjust the meat on the salt and pepper. Mix everything properly and leave.
To prepare the dough. Mix softened butter with egg, add salt and add the flour and olive oil. How to knead. It turns out that kind of dough.
Roll out not very thin. The meat will be prepared directly in the test, so it should not be torn. Spread the dough in the oiled form. The sides should droop.
Inside spread meat mixture, as follows flatten and crush. Close the dough and suscipiam, leaving here are three holes.
From baking paper cut in small rectangles, turn them into tubes and inserted into the dough. They are needed in order to collect any liquid released from the meat. Whisk the egg and roll on top of the resulting "cake".
Put this beauty in a preheated 170 degree oven and bake for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The remaining batter I made these kind of cookies, anointing them with egg, sprinkle with spices and cheese. Husband was eating for both cheeks :-)
Here such it turns out pate in the test. Leave it to cool down at night (therefore it is better to bake in the evening). The next morning, dissolve a little gelatine in cold water, wait until it rises. Meanwhile, heat the broth bringing it to a boil. Add the swollen gelatin and turn off the gas. Stir and leave for a few minutes. Then gently pour in the holes on the "roof" of the pie the resulting broth with the gelatin until, until it begins to flow. Put into the refrigerator for about two hours, so that gelatin came from. After that you can get, cut and serve.
France is a huge number of variations of this paste. With various additives, such as pistachios, walnuts, foie Gras, and so on. As meat during cooking uvarivaetsja, there was an empty space between the meat and the dough, and gelatin broth is added in order to fill these empty seats. In the context of the pate turns out very beautiful and delicious. Well, the be the judge:) Bon appetit!!
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