The chicken Patty according to GOST
In our time, a chicken cutlet will surprise few people :). Only on our website so many of these recipes posted!!! I have the most in the notebooks of many variations of cooking these cutlets. But most often I cook them without a recipe, mixed it quickly, stuffing, bread, added something fried and voila! Ready. But I never was completely satisfied with the taste. Patty and Patty. And then I wanted to go back to find old recipes. They are, in principle, nothing particularly from our modern and no different, it's only in the proportions and in the composition of meat. But it is precisely such "little things" is the recipe. In my opinion, this is the perfect recipe of chicken cutlets. Juicy, with a crispy crust and creamy taste. Very delicate and of course tasty. Recipe from "Cooking" issue of 1959.


  • Chicken

    1 piece

  • Bread

    250 g

  • Milk

    350 ml

  • Butter

    30 g

  • Salt


Here is a book kept in the family for over half a century. When I was little and only read the ABC book and the syllables: "mom soap frame", then have already loved this book to read pictures. Here's someone on princesses all looked in five years, and I'm on pictures of finished dishes :). I am currently a little on this turn, but with a recipe of chicken cutlets she really helped me. Read the recipe, my first thought was: in principle, all as always, but okay, I'll try, strictly observing the entire recipe. And I haven not looked back. But enough talk, and then I could blah blah..:) let's get down to cooking.
Friends, before cooking, I repeat once more, all the products are weighed and measured accurately in grams, as listed in my ingredients. This is very important, otherwise it makes no sense to cook. Cook beef just the way I describe below. Fry also just the way I write. The technology of preparation do not change in their routine, do strictly my description. And no "gag"!!! in terms of garlic, pepper, herbs, etc!!! So consider that you got me in a culinary prisoner! :) It is only when all these conditions, I can guarantee you tasty, natural chicken cutlet, exactly as it should be according to GOST (sitting smile). If you were not afraid and did not run away, then continue :). For the stuffing we will need chicken meat from the legs and Breasts. For that you need to buy a big chicken. I was weighing two kilos. Of course, you can buy separate Breasts and legs, but it's just more expensive. And if we prepare according to GOST standards from the Soviet era, in those days the slogan was: "the Economy must be economical!" In principle, relevant in our days. To separate the flesh from the bones. Chicken skin to stuffing is not! I just throw it away. But the rest are frozen for the future, as in the pictures I have shown.
With chicken flesh cut away all the excess bone and fat, cut into pieces and rotate twice through a meat grinder with a large grille (forget about blenders, it needs a grinder). With bread cut off crust and soak in milk.
Knead by hand, the bread in the milk until smooth porridge, pour all into the dish with the chicken stuffing. All mix well and again skip through Mincer. Then add salt and softened butter (but not melted!). Once again good to knead and put into the refrigerator. Meanwhile, blend the bread crusts in the blender into crumbs and mix with the breadcrumbs. To form cutlets, roll in breadcrumbs.
Fry in either ghee or a mixture of vegetable with cream and in a well heated pan without a lid. Approximately three to four minutes on each side, then turn it on its side, cover with a lid, reduce the heat to low and tormented for another 7 minutes. It's all finished.
Try! I think the taste is just perfect! I'm not going to praise You just try to cook and write, and then we'll discuss, I welcome criticism if it is certainly not written in an insulting tone, or simply not respond. Still, I thought that in Soviet times, there are all sorts of aunts and uncles who sat in the ministries (or where they're sitting, don't know), no wonder sat!! A good book written, good recipes have been developed. There is much to learn, even in our sophisticated age of Internet technology. So we will learn new things, remembering old. Good luck, your Katie-Lis.
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