Christmas pate
Our Christmas table is never complete without the liver pate - it's very beautiful and easy dish that does not burden much the stomach and is a beautiful, wonderful snack. A new year's supply of cream of mayonnaise "Maheev" and broccoli, a layer of carrot pate will make it the center of the table. The pate recipe given to me by my colleague Olesya, for that special thank you to her! Turned out very tender!


  • Chicken liver

    500 g

  • Bacon

    100 g

  • Butter

    140 g

  • Carrots

    2 piece

  • Bow white

    1 piece

  • Mayonnaise

    250 g

  • Broccoli

    200 g

  • Turmeric

    0.333 tsp

  • The mixture of peppers

    0.25 tsp

  • Nutmeg

    0.25 tsp

  • Gelatin

    10 g

  • Cream

    3 Tbsp


Cut into cubes liver, bacon, onion, grate on a coarse grater carrots.
All fry until cooked, not desiccate liver - it is inside should remain slightly pink.
All cool it down and puree them in a blender, adding the diced butter (100 g), salt, mix of pepper, nutmeg.
Soak 10g gelatin in 3 tbsp. of cream for 15 min. to Warm up the gelatin in a water bath, stirring, until dissolved, but do not boil.
Make carrot pate. Grate 1 carrot grated and passeruem until soft. Sauteed carrots, let cool and grind in a food processor, adding butter 40g, 2st. L. mayonnaise "Maheev", turmeric, salt, 1/3 of the gelatin solution.
Make cream of broccoli. Boil broccoli, drain the water and grind in a food processor with 200g of mayonnaise "Maheev". Add remaining gelatin and stir. I want to note that the taste of broccoli in the cream is not felt.
Spread on a dish in layers in the form of a cone alternating liver pate with carrot pate.
Of the culinary syringe is extruded around the perimeter of our cone of cream of broccoli in the form of needles.
Cut from boiled carrot stars and decorate top of pate. Cut off a piece and enjoy. In the context appears very beautiful, bright tricolor.
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