At the cottage we want to indulge buns. Even like this, it would seem long - lasting. But not so scary as it seems. Even in suburban conditions, you can cook something similar, close to the famous namesake. No oven? Not a problem! We will prepare... in the pan! And no one knows where the best will turn out because the recipe is just amazing! And still very simplified - only 30 minutes of active cooking!!! Just to testify.


  • Flour

    350 g

  • Yolk egg

    4 piece

  • Brown sugar

    200 g

  • Vanilla

    1 pack

  • Beer

    150 ml

  • Milk

    1 l

  • Butter

    500 g

  • Salt


This cake faster done than described. Everything happens rapidly and casually. Just 30 minutes of active cooking in between. That's what we need.
Let's start with the test. Everything quickly. The oil are soft, pour it in the beer, add a pinch of salt and beat in the flour. First with a spoon and then with your hands. The dough is tender, but a little sloppy from the pieces of butter. Leave it for 5 minutes just to lie down. By the way, the beer could be old, lying around in the fridge and even weathered.
After 5 minutes, knead again. The dough is delicate, soft, homogeneous, flexible, one word - fabulous. Hands practically does not stick.
Divide the dough into 8-9 pieces. Roll balls and put on a large plate, slightly opylene flour. Remove 1 hour in the freezer. Immediately say, that this time is conditional. The dough can be prepared in advance. Or use the early hours. It does not matter. Just cool dough is easier to work.
While the dough cools in the fridge make the cream. Cream is custard, but cooked slightly different, I would say - the Express-method. All too quickly. In a saucepan put the egg yolks, sugar and 4 tbsp flour. Mix well, gradually pouring the milk to avoid lumps. I mix with a whisk.
Put on fire and boil, stirring the same with a whisk.
Cook until thick. A few minutes keep in the fire, intensely stirring, and turn off the heat. Boiling cream took about 10 minutes. Beat in the hot cream butter and vanilla, and leave it on the stove.
Basically, if you have nothing to do, as I said - an hour can not wait. And gradually to take out our dough balls from the freezer. The balls roll out the dough on a flour covered surface as thin as possible. With the beauty of forms is not particularly bother. The dough is rolled out perfectly, not a stick.
Bake our cakes on a heated dry frying pan until it will turn brown on a medium heat. While one baked shell roll out the second. Such a conveyor. The dough during frying will bubble, so after putting some cake in pan pierce it repeatedly with a spatula or fork.
Fry for about 2-3 minutes on each side.
Baked cakes folded pile on a plate.
The cakes are warm, the cream is warm, Yes, even if hot - not scary, even better. Start assembling the cake. In the country the number of my cooking appliances are limited, and you want the maximum perfection of form. Therefore, at this stage I'm arming myself here in this life hack, the former sieve. That is - without a bottom, it was a pity to throw away. This will allow us to create the perfect edge of our cake. Cakes direct pile trim around the edge, focusing on the diameter of the sieve. Crop and save. Put a sieve onto a large plate and put inside the first layer. Generously pour the warm cream, distributing it with a spoon.
Continue to create the cakes, filling them with cream. Pay special attention to the edges. Do not hesitate generously of their fluff that was not visible gaps between the cakes and the wall of the sieve. Well something like that...
Thus, we lay out all the layers, gradually filling our form.
Trim the remaining dough dried in the same pan and mash into crumbs. Do this with your fingers or a rolling pin. To crumbs was enough to crumble additional cookies or to leave the most awkward and a little cake for later it crumbled.
Sprinkle crumbs of the cake on top. And put our building in a refrigerator. Better at night that the cake is well soaked.
In the morning take out the cake from the refrigerator and remove the sieve. See what a wonderful land? It can also sprinkle with crumbs. But I like this, without crumbs. Alternatively, the cake can pour the liquid jam in the form of mesh and decorate with mint and berries. Summer still...
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