Potatoes stuffed with
The author of the idea of this recipe - known "expert" and chef Boris Burda. In honor of him and name. I only slightly changed the filling and adapted cooking under the grill.


  • Potatoes

    4 piece

  • Ham

    8 piece

  • Cheese

    150 g

  • Mushrooms

    2 handful

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Mayonnaise

  • Spices

  • Greens

  • Sausage

    4 slice


Potatoes have to choose quite large, wash it and then boil it. A little to late it think. At this time, to prepare for the "meat": chop the mushrooms, cheese and sausage, minced garlic, all mixed in a bowl with mayonnaise (wrestlers with extra calories can use sour cream). Add salt, pepper, spices, dried herbs.
Potatoes peel and cut in half.
From midway potato spoon select core and in these notches to put the cheese-mushroom stuffing.
Top each half of potato put a slice of ham.
Put on the upper grille aerogrill, maximum speed, temperature 260 C for 15 minutes. I potatoes put on a plate, because the mayonnaise was kind of watery. As it turned out, I did the right thing - mayonnaise drip, and the bottom of the bowl was a very delicious sauce with a mayonnaise-garlic-cheese-mushroom aroma, which I filed, along with potatoes :-) decorate the Top with herbs or chopped green onions.
(Now I thought that was first put in AG without the ham for 10 minutes to add it later, lest otherwise they will get - option!). Very tasty! Thank You, Boris!
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