Millet porridge with dried fruit in pots
In General, I have for the New year aerogrill - husband favorite gave. Means you have something in it to cook. Here is gruel and decided. Turned out pretty! Anyway, the baby appreciated the fact that asked for more!


  • Millet

    1 cup

  • Milk

    2 cup

  • Raisins

  • Dried apricots


Millet rinse thoroughly several times in cold water to millet bitter. Pour over boiling water, drain the water. Put in 1 pot 0.5 cups cereal and 1 Cup milk. Put apricots and raisins in each Cup. The proportions of the 2 pot.Mix well. Pour COLD milk to the bending of the pot.
Coat the inner surface of the bend of the pot with oil. Add salt to taste. Put on low grill convection oven.
Cook for 30 MINUTES at 260 DEGREES until Golden brown. Then leave the pot for another 10 minutes in the convection oven to achieve the effect of longing.
Here porridge is ready! I didn't dobalena sugar. Due to the dried fruit and so it turned out sweet.
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