How to cook KVASS
Sometimes we want to remember, you know, just the a little forgotten, a little Wake-up, we have nostalgia - a TASTE of... the Taste of grandma's dishes is incomparable mother's kitchen and those delicious, so hard and passed on the words today, dishes from childhood; let us remember the brew barrel 3 pennies per glass ... + bonus from me


  • Bread

  • Yeast

  • Sugar

  • Raisins

  • Water


I want to add another delicious recipe of kvass, but as we have with black rye bread not really, and oranges - in the order of things, and brew is an orange... is Preparing is also very simple, however, with the availability of some products, and for that we'll need: 1-2 oranges 300 grams of sugar sand, 3 liters of warm boiled water 1 sachet of yeast 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid will Do the kvasok: first put to boil water, pour over oranges better kipyatkom cut medium, just as it is with the skin on and put into a suitable jar
Mix together sugar, citric acid and yeast, and it also added to sliced oranges
and pour warm boiled water, cover tightly with a lid or gauze and put on the day in a warm place, the next day strain and bottle, to drink better chilled
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