Again pellet. Or flatbread pizza
Again I come to you with bread. Forgive me, I just love this dough. It saves always. Need a quick snack or going on a trip, in General, for all occasions. Plus to experiment with it until the end of life. But that's not the test that is already a tried, and again in the stuffing. Today husband asked for scones for tea, and the daughter says: "I don't want.. I want pizza". That raised two in one. What can I say? Yum.


  • Flour

    300 g

  • Water

    300 ml

  • Vegetable oil

    2 Tbsp

  • Sausage

  • Cheese

  • Chicken egg

  • Tomato paste

  • Spices

  • Greens


Hello!!! Just want to apologize for the photo, didn't notice that shot with no flash ( ( ( familiar to Many dough. Describe briefly. Details here :http://www.povareno 117/ now, the water boil together with vegetable oil. Pour the flour in a deep bowl. Pour the boiling water (the water is not cooled single minute) into flour. Mix first with a spoon, then with hands and give the dough to cool. Cut approximately 10 pieces. Each roll out thinly. First, put a little tomato paste or put finely chopped tomatoes. Sprinkle with spices for pizza or any on request.
Put the (half cake) sliced sausage (or ham or beef.. etc.)
Can the egg - so hearty (I made only two egg, very tasty... but it's very satisfying.. the kind of cake you can eat - will replace dinner))
Sprinkle with cheese. I deliberately did not give the amount of cheese, sausages - all in the eyes. Someone will put more, some less.
Turn twice, cut the excess and fry in preheated vegetable oil at medium heat on both sides until Golden crust.
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