Tortillas with cheese
These scones are just like seeds, they are not difficult to prepare and eat them too fast. We'll just have the yogurt, flour, cheese and eggs. Be sure to try! The dough is done very easily and quickly and is immediately ready for frying. With this recipe can handle any cook. No problems. Go!


  • Flour

    400 g

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Cheese

    300 g

  • Yogurt

    250 ml

  • Vegetable oil


Cheese to grate and add 2 egg yolks.
Knead the dough. In a bowl pour the yogurt, add 2 protein, now add a little flour and knead the dough. Flour add about 300g
After you kneaded the dough in the bowl, you have to spread it on the surface, well dusted with flour. And podsypaya flour (remaining), knead the dough, so it is not sticking to hands. The dough itself is very soft. Divide it in half, make 2 balls and set aside for 15 minutes.
Each ball should roll out thinly (2mm) pellet in the form of either a square, or a rectangle (which it will). On half of each tortilla put the stuffing in a thin layer. Here I want to draw attention to what the dough no salt is added, I sprinkle the cheese with salt at this stage (depending on your cheese), but salt still sprinkle necessary.
The second layer to cover the layer of filling. Now cut out the wheel squares, what you have (size)
Press down with your fingers, very lightly (you can do it when the pellet will throw in the pan), in place of the cut
Fry both sides in vegetable oil in a frying pan until Golden brown. To work with the dough should be very fast. It is very soft. Constantly pour the flour on the surface on which you are working.
Now quickly pour a Cup of tea and start eating. Very tasty!!!
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