This is my first recipe posted on the Cook, but the one THAT I have long wanted to share! In this way the meat make about ten years. Meat beautiful and festive table. And every day, and diet, and kids... the thing is, I never worried that my meat will not work! Don't worry that the meat will be dry or undercooked. Welcome...


  • Loin

    0.7 kg

  • Bacon

    0.7 kg

  • Ham

    0.7 kg

  • Water

    2 l

  • Salt

    130 g

  • Sugar

    50 g

  • Garlic

    2 piece

  • Bay leaf

    4 piece

  • Black pepper

    1.5 tsp

  • Allspice

    3 piece

  • Carnation

    4 piece

  • Cumin

    1 tsp

  • The mixture of peppers

    1 tsp

  • Coriander

    1 tsp

  • Nutmeg

    0.5 tsp

  • Rosemary

    2 tsp


Please note that not all of these spices I used at my first experience with this recipe. This over time I added spices, diminish salt, sugar. Initially 2l water 200g salt and 70g of sugar, and a classic set of spices - BAY LEAF, BLACK PEPPER, GARLIC!!! If You have no respect for any reason, these or other listed spices, use classical music or Your favorite!
For this recipe use Your FAVORITE meat. What I wrote, I took the last time. Bacon rarely do, mostly pork ham, neck, shoulder, tenderloin... And most of all we loved the veal!!! Veal, prepared according to this recipe, tastes like the meat of the language. Especially if you use loin, neck, shoulder blade. Meat can be used, both fresh and after thawing. Pieces of ideal size 400 – 700g. Wash, clean from the films. Bacon to wrap the thread, but do NOT OVERTIGHTEN. That after he looked nice, and the layer of fat is not increased in the presence of bacon in the "thermos".
ATTENTION!!! The pot should be two times the amount of water!!! It can be enameled and stainless steel, but I do NOT RECOMMEND cast iron!!! ATTENTION!!! Pour cold water (we have 2 l) and immediately into cold water add salt and sugar. Put on the fire to boil. Meanwhile, prepare the spices. Share the garlic into slices without REMOVING the husks from Zubkov!!! When water with salt and sugar to a boil, throw in the garlic, and simmer for five minutes. Then add the spices and boil for another five minutes. And now omitted in our HOT marinade meat. When it is boiling, make a SMALL fire, cover with a lid and keep on heat for 15-20 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare "apparel for the thermos". I use old bedspreads, blankets and even leather the inner lining is made from her husband's old jackets. The better you wrap, the more effective the thermos. When I unfold the pot, she's still hot!!!
Put in the center of our "coat" the pan and alternately wrap in blankets, etc. And leave for 10-12 hours!!! Do not be afraid! Total time for preparation and extraction of meat takes less than an hour further away from You NOTHING depends.
After a time, in the morning, if You did in the evening, or Vice versa, we obtain our meat. And there is a matter of taste. I sometimes lightly sprinkle with black pepper. My mom is roasting on high heat for a few seconds on all sides. But mostly, I leave it as it is. Give the meat to cool. Store in the refrigerator under foil or a lid to avoid drying. If you have decided to cook more meat, increase the proportions. The ratio of water and meat, as You have noticed - 2l of water to 2kg of meat! And then everything just!
Chicken breast or Turkey can be cooked the same way, but the residence time of meat in the hot marinade to REDUCE to SIX HOURS!!!
Meat you can taste how hot that we often do is removing the test, or cooled. As with the salad, and sandwich. The husband or myself to take a snack to work. Nature. And how the kids love this meat. It is JUICY, TENDER... If you decide to keep a diet, then beef, Turkey breast or chicken breast, cooked this way, will help You with this, for you it will be a godsend.
This meat is perfect for use in salads!!! I use it to prepare salad "Olivier" salad - a favorite salad of my husband.
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