Chocolate patterns
Today I want to tell you how you can decorate the most ordinary transparent dishes with liquid chocolate. Such cups can be submitted, and an exquisite dessert at a dinner party, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream at a party, and the baby's milk at night. Limitations only two. First, the taste of the dish must be combined with the chocolate; second, its temperature should not be higher than room temperature. I offer you five different techniques of design. Choose any depending on the availability of time and the imagination!


  • Dark chocolate

    100 g


Here by the main and actually the only role in this recipe — dark chocolate. It should melt in a water bath or in the microwave. With liquid (melted) chocolate we work in all of the following steps. So, proceed to work. To demonstrate the result as filling the glasses, I always used cold milk.
The FIRST WAY (easiest) Pour the melted chocolate on the bottom of the glass and arbitrarily tilting it in different directions to create patterns.
Let cool in the fridge to solid state... and here is the result.
The SECOND METHOD (for the patient) Cut thin strips from paper tape and paste them inside the glass, leaving gaps depending on the picture that you want to create.
Dip a thick brush into the chocolate and roll the glass from the inside. Leave to cool in the fridge for three minutes, so the chocolate hardened quite a bit.
Tear off strips of tape.
Result. Perfect geometric precision I could not achieve. Hopefully, this will turn you!
The THIRD WAY (on the run) Dip the brush in the chocolate and apply a broad quick strokes inside of the glass. A minimum of time, and the result is very nice.
The FOURTH WAY (white on black). Fully coat the glass inside the liquid chocolate and let cool until semi-soft state.
A slightly damp cotton swab (that she didn't leave hairs) draw patterns in the chocolate.
METHOD FIVE (for artists and those who have the time and inclination) Take a thin brush, drench it in chocolate and draw delicate patterns on the inside of the glass. This technique is best suited for kremenak and bowls, in tall and narrow glasses to draw extremely difficult.
Result. In this dish looks wonderful desserts (mousses, ice cream, etc.)
But it looks like all together.
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