Fake caviar
Dish is a joke, or trick, or a hoax, and maybe magic... Surprise guests are guaranteed. By the way, fresh and tasty, especially with the soft bread and creamy butter, but with fresh vegetables. MAG-mentor - the inimitable Elena Chekalova.


  • Soy sauce

    150 ml

  • Agar-agar

    2 g

  • Vegetable oil

    250 ml


The ingredients are simple, but not quite normal. It is important to use high quality soy sauce. Kikkoman soy sauce is also tasty. We'll also need a pipette and a Cup for oil.
Measure out 2 g of agar-agar. If there is a scale - great, if not, it's a full teaspoon with a small hill.
For the success of our magic Cup of vegetable oil should be cool. Put it on an hour in the freezer. The butter should be very cold, but not freezing, not to thicken. Olive oil for this purpose is not suitable. The hours passed, the oil became very cold. Cast 150 ml of soy sauce. Pour into a saucepan soy sauce and pour agar-agar.
Put on fire and stirring occasionally bring to a boil, boil 30 seconds. Typed full pipette of soy solution and dropwise send it to cold butter. The drops immediately turn into small balls and sink to the bottom of the glass.
This is the most tedious part of the magic, 150 ml of the solution to move the pipette 2.5 mg in a glass of oil. Pour the oil into a bowl through a strainer. And here it is a miracle: an integer selected strainer, large, brilliant, very mouth-watering caviar. By the way, the oil can be used for other culinary needs, we're not heated.
We wash our eggs under a thin stream of cold water and put in a nice jug. Well, who's to say that it's not like black caviar, let him throw a stone at me!
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