Caramel glaze
The recipe is quite simple, very tasty, perfectly covering, easy to work with caramel glaze.


  • Granulated sugar

    180 g

  • Water

    150 g

  • Cream

    150 g

  • Corn starch

    10 g

  • Gelatin

    5 g


To prepare, measure out all your ingredients. In the process we have almost no time for search of the necessary, everything should be at hand. 5 g leaf gelatine soak in cold water. This can be done in the first step, if you confidently prepare the caramel. Or leave a bit later if not sure!) Cold cream mix with starch. Starch I usually always sifted before use, it has a tendency to slide into lumps, which then have to be split...I don't always enjoy it, when you need it quickly!)
Prepare the caramel. On a dry pan with a thick bottom pour the sugar. Melt it until light brown. There are two methods that I know how to cook this caramel...the First –poured sugar, and allow it to melt just a fire, God forbid, there is his touch, to stop, even if you really want to)). Well, shake can periodically if the nerves can not stand...and with a brush dipped in cold water to wipe around the edge of the pan, where there were grains of sugar. Honestly, I always have nerves can not stand, and I always, when all seems fairly melted, begin very gently to move the masses of a darker color to the place where they pobiedna –of course, not everywhere the same pan is warming up...somewhere caramelization occurs earlier, somewhere doesn't even happen...just kidding! ) So the method I described in the recipe for Caramel parfait with milk chocolate http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/801 51/ When the sugar is melted on a tea spoon.... Employment is also not for the faint of heart, honestly...But I want it more controlled. In short, as caramelizing sugar –choose yourself. Task –sugar does not burn. That depends on whether your glaze is awesome –sweet, or would be awesome –bitter)). In short –the taste of your coverage.
Here is my caramel.
Pour the caramel WARM water. Neat.
Bring to a boil to dissolve caramel. Spoon help the bottom RUB.... what have you got...) To come to this!
Hot caramel mass pour a thin stream into the cream with the starch, stirring with a whisk constantly and frantically))
A little cool and enter a pre-soaked and pressed (not pressed in advance, and directly before use) of leaf gelatine.
Store in container up to three days in the fridge and don't know how many –in the freezer (three weeks exactly). Use at a temperature of 27C. Before using heat it in the microwave –looks like new! Tested!
Caramel frosting this wonderful recipe of Catherine Miuda I used to cover the cake I made using a recipe from the Ira Iren D "Layer Muscovy dessert in French" http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/101 187/ - heart her so much for giving your soul, your stomach and taste buds pleasure! (numerous!) So I did it....
And so!
My dear cooks...this Frosting –the unearthly beauty and perfection fantastic. Here you can see the picture –the view from my window while photographing the antenna, the roof of my house, etc...ANY icing should lie on a PERFECTLY FLAT SURFACE.... to look like Haute couture). Align your cakes all known to you methods! I didn't need –I almost never make cakes on occasion, but always just for the love of art)-, but because: forgive me I failed everything! Take the icing on weapons and be better than me! Success to you, my fellow cooks! Kisses and hugs to you all!
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