Rose cucumber
Many mistresses claim that can't ukrashat meals. Meanwhile, beautifully decorated salad, for example, pleasing to the eye and causes your appetite before you try it out. To decorate dishes easily. Today I will tell you how to make an elegant rose out of cucumber. This rose will enhance any salad and delight guests.


  • Cucumber

    1 piece


Use peelers (I have a company Berner) slice the cucumber thin long plate.
The first strip we don't need it immediately remove.
The second strip will turn approximately 2/3 of the length into a tight tube.
Now grab the tube in your left hand, and will very firmly hold the thumb and forefinger. The remaining part of the strip will turn in an outward 180 degrees. Move slightly future rose around its axis.
Repeat this operation again. When there's a small tip, take the next strip of cucumber and make it between the tip of the strip and the rose, will turn another petal.
Thus we will repeat the operation until the second strip is also not over.
Connect the third strip, etc. is Usually enough for three or four strips. It depends on what size rosette you want to do.
In the process of making roses all the time very firmly held her by the middle so that the flower is unfolded. When the desired size is reached, flip the rosette and carefully, trying to capture the Central tube, and stick a half toothpick.
Now rose is finally ready and you can decorate the salad.
One cucumber can make three or four roses. It is only necessary to cut the plate on the other side, and another one... Go for it)))
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