My first experience with fondant. Were doing a gift for the birthday girl who often says: "I am full of happiness do not have enough money bag" ))


  • Chicken egg

    9 piece

  • Sugar

    3 cup

  • Flour

    2 cup

  • Cocoa powder

    2 Tbsp

  • Milk

    0.5 cup

  • Butter

    240 g

  • Dark chocolate

    480 g

  • Cream

    190 g

  • Powdered sugar

    300 g

  • Marshmallows

    300 g

  • Leavening agent

    18 g


The first thing I will bake cakes: sponge cake two, and one of them is chocolate. For the dough: whisk 4 eggs with a glass of sugar, add a Cup of sifted flour and 9g (half a box) of baking powder. For chocolate cake: all the same + 2 tbsp cocoa. When they're cold, cut a thread in half across the width and 4 along the strips (the width of the strips equal to half the height of the pouch).
Make cream: beat the egg a bit with a glass of sugar, add 0.5 cups of milk, put on fire and proverjaem 5 minutes. After cooled and mix with 200g of soft butter. I was in a hurry, and pictures of the cream I have. Coat the cakes and begin to assemble the cake. Take one cookie, turn it into a burrito and put on the tray vertically.
And, alternating chocolate biscuits and white create the beautiful snail.
And so do the second "floor" of the bag.
Now with a knife cut the upper corners of the second floor and scraps generated from the dome of the pouch.
Now is the time to prepare the ganache: heat the 150ml cream and cream melt 150g dark chocolate. When the mixture has cooled - covered cake, by puttying the cracks and leveling unevenness. Put in refrigerator to congeal. When the ganache hardens - it can be easy to correct. Drop the spatula in boiling water, immediately wipe dry and flatten anything that is unclear.
Put the cake in the fridge to harden further, and meanwhile make paste. When I started working with the mastic came such excitement, what about the camera I forgot. But I will try as much detail as possible to describe. How to prepare the fondant: In a water bath melt dark chocolate 330g. 300g marshmallow put on half a minute in the microwave, and soft marshmallow added to chocolate. Beginners will say: do everything as soon as possible - it quickly solidifies. Quickly stir, add 2st. L. butter soft and 6st. l of whipping cream. Thoroughly mix all the time. Now add the powdered sugar and knead until then, until the mastic will not cease to stick to hands. Knead directly on the table, liberally dusted with powdered sugar. Do not worry - at first almost all of the mastic will stick to the hands (or I am slow), but as you add mastic the whole mass will become one elastic ball.
If the mastic by the end of the kneading will be hard and not want to roll out - put it in the microwave for 10 seconds, and it will again become soft and supple. When the mastic is ready - continue working on the table, sprinkled with potato starch before transferring the items onto the cake should be thoroughly shaken. Roll out of total amount of mastic large reservoir. Shake the water off it with a starch (preferably with a brush) and placed on a cake: just put the center of the dome and pressed against the cake. Because the shape of the bag can be rough to do it very easily. As mastic lyagla - so burlap will lie, so the folds will be. Cut the excess from the bottom with a knife and the same knife wrap the bottom inside.
Of the circumcision remnants again roll out a new layer, cut out a rectangle and put it from the neck of the bag. That's what I did: half of the rectangle, moisten with water and brush that wet spot glued the neck (all glued with a drop of water). To give wave the neck under the bottom podkladyval foil, which is cleaned in two hours, when the paste will become solid and will hold the shape. All other elements simple, glued with water. Coin purchase. I will say again that this is my first work with fondant. Very worried because at the moment it completely forgot about the camera. But I think this is only the beginning of our love affair with mastic )) to Be continued! Try it - it's easy!
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