Roses from radishes
After I added your photo to the recipe Salad "Flowers of Begonia" I received a lot of requests to show and explain how I did the flowers. Of course, many know how to do it, but someone needs help. Decorate the salad with roses of raw vegetables - it's fast, easy, beautiful!


  • Radishes

    3 piece

  • Carrots

    1 piece

  • Cucumber

    1 piece

  • Parsley

    1 sprig


It's simple. Need a radish, but beautiful roses obtained from the carrot and even cucumber, green flowers if you are not confused. Why I did not mention the beets - raw, she's not flexible, but if it is to boil it soon. Preparation is simple - wash, cut off the stems. Slice very thinly, just like a cobweb, is the most important. Very convenient to use a special grater, it can be cut into very thin slices. I don't have one, but there is a peeler mandolin, for me it is the most convenient option, plate be very thin, much thinner than when I cut with a knife. Sure you think about how to fix radishes, to avoid injury. Let's see what option I came up with - I don't even know how this thing is called, found in tools, but it turned out great - fast, easy and hands intact. Immediately think about how you can secure the roses. I categorically opposed to all toothpicks, and do believe that the plate should be only what can be eaten, so to fix roses from the radishes will be in the rings of the same radish. With a knife carefully cut a small ring, as it will, do not try to make smooth round shape, then take a teaspoon and elementary to do larger.
Further, our slices of radish need to be put in cold water for 15 minutes, the radish will become more flexible. But if you cut this peeler like I did, you can skip this step, because the radish turns subtle and it can be turn off immediately. Else you can slightly salt the radishes, she'll let the juice, and will also be soft and flexible, you in salads all saw it. So, I got slices of radishes from the water and dried them with a paper towel. This is a required step to radish slipping or slipped. Carefully put the slices on top of each other overlapping, and turned to roll. There is nothing complicated there, but it is important not to hurry. I thought that the most difficult can be the beginning, when we begin to collapse, and now I know how to simplify this point. In the beginning of our strip to put a piece of radish as a low post and hook up with him, he will be in the middle, and spin will be much easier, try it. I think a maximum width of 1 cm Round not to do just a column. Photo add not have time, but I think everything is clear.
Twisted roll and fastened it to the ring of radishes. See, now with the bottom hand a lot of radishes? Before you plant a rose on salad or any other dish, you can carefully shorten the tip with a knife, but is generally in the salad is not such a problem, on the contrary, the flower will be more steady.
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