Baby cake Machine
As promised, a detailed master class on working with fondant. This time about the camera remembered and photographed everything. All photos are clickable to enlarge. Cake making takes a lot of time and effort (maybe? due to my inexperience), but the joy of seeing the result is worth it.


  • Flour

    3.1 cup

  • Sugar

    2.5 cup

  • Soda

    1.5 tsp

  • Leavening agent

    15 g

  • Cocoa powder

    6 Tbsp

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Milk

  • Vegetable oil

    0.5 cup

  • Water

    1 cup

  • White chocolate

    180 g

  • Butter

  • Vanilla sugar

  • Cream

  • Chocolate milk

    580 g

  • Marshmallows

    390 g

  • Powdered sugar

    900 g


Recipe mastic I've laid out, but this time I made it from white chocolate, to using food coloring to make the right color for me. For convenience, I repeat the recipe mastic. In a water bath melt 330 g white chocolate. 300 g marshmallows put half a minute in the microwave and soft marshmallows add to chocolate. Beginners will say: do everything as soon as possible – it quickly solidifies. Quickly stir, add 2 tbsp butter, soft and 6 tbsp of heavy cream. Thoroughly mix all the time. Now add the powdered sugar and knead until then, until the mastic will not cease to stick to hands. This time I took about 600 g powder - I think the reason lies in the white chocolate. Knead directly on the table, liberally dusted with powdered sugar. Add the powdered sugar until then, until the mastic will not cease to stick to hands. Food dyes it is best to add nevalennyi putty to the color evenly distributed. So I got three colors: blue, orange and white. In further steps you will see the mastic dirty green: it is obtained by adding the chocolate fondant blue dye (made from 100 g of dark chocolate, many did not have that color).
The cake was done in two days. The first day I made wheels for cars, bow, ribbons and small parts of the machine. Let's start with the wheels. Roll out white fondant and cut small circles. I must say that no special tools I don't have to use all that is at hand. Now in every circle the tube, make the edges of the recesses:
During this process you will get a lot of even slices - don't throw them! You can use them for decor.
For the basics of wheel I used a round biscuit (you can also use a marshmallow or meringue). Roll out dark green fondant, cut out circles the same diameter, so they can be wrapped cookies.
Hands smoothing the fondant, create cocomoco
Cut the excess, to seal the cuts with water and received the following billet
With water and brushes glue disks to the wheels
And do the headbands around "drive". By the way, in the end I finished that smooth headbands can be done using conventional chesnokodavki!
The center "disc" glue dot (see photo 3), a knife with serrated tread and draw a paint brush "discs". Wheel ready!
Now for the bow. From the orange mastic roll out the layer and cut into equal strips. The more bars, the more magnificent will be the bow.
Glue the ends and hung the workpiece on something round as long as the tape does not freeze (3-4 hours). I used a paper towels holder.
Now tell how to assemble the bow. From the orange mastic make a base. And on this basis begin to glue the ribbon.
For a more beautiful volume of use swipe. Substitute them under the tape and remove after drying
Now cut strips of authenticity and twists them around Chinese sticks, for example. And also leave to dry.
Tape after drying will look like this
The first day I cut out small parts of machine: side mirrors, rooms and lights.
That's the job for the first day. The morning of the second day the first step is to bake the cake itself. I chose the recipe for "chocolate on the boiling water". Mix all the dry ingredients: 3 cups flour, 2 cups sugar, 1.5 tsp. of baking soda quicklime, 15 g of baking powder, 6 tablespoons of cocoa and get a mixture
Whisk 2 eggs, then add 0.5 cups of vegetable oil and whisk some more. And begin to gradually add 1 Cup milk, alternating with dry mixture. Every time a good beat. It's rather thick batter. At the end add a glass of boiling water and again whisk to form a uniform chocolate mass
I baked in two rounds in round shape with ø 26 cm, in a preheated 180*C oven for about 40 minutes. Check the on the readiness of a dry match. The obtained two layers I cut in two and soaked in sugar syrup (6 tablespoons of water - 4 tbsp sugar) added two drops of almond essence.
While the cakes are soaking, prepare the cream. The cream is used on the basis of white chocolate, which is excellent and does not melt mastic. So, pour in a saucepan with 250 ml of milk, pour 2,5 tbsp flour and mix well (preferably with a whisk) to avoid lumps. Add 100 g of sugar and put on fire. The amount of sugar can change someone enough chocolate, and someone that will not be enough. Bring mixture to a boil and cook on low heat until thick, stirring constantly to avoid burnt.
Remove from heat and immediately add the chocolate. Mix until chocolate is completely dissolved and leave to cool completely. I was worried that the chocolate melts without fire, but the heat of the milk was enough. While the chocolate cools, we white mix 200 g of butter with the vanilla sugar. And gradually add to the butter chocolate mixture and whisk until smooth. Cream turns out very light and tasty.
* Brush the cakes with cream, daubed the top and sides and leave the cake in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
So, the cream is frozen, and we proceed to the formation of the frame of the machine. Cut the sides of the cake
And put them upstairs. This will be our cabin.
Now take in hand a large sharp knife (ideal bread knife indent) and begin to trim off the excess
And from scraps form the right convexity. Here's the hood I got
And this trunk
Spoon formed recesses for the wheels
And a knife cut about a centimeter at the bottom of the machine to give height
Again put the cake in the fridge because during the shaping cream slightly melts. In the meantime, prepare the ganache: 150 ml of whipping cream on low heat dissolve 150 g of dark chocolate. When the ganache has cooled, coat them with cake cooking brush
And send in the refrigerator for at least an hour. After this time roll out a large sheet of blue mastic which using a rolling pin, transfer to the car
And hand iron, cutting off the excess. Oh, and then piece of work: painting and gluing parts. If the colour of the postmark suits you, painting is not necessary. I got too faded mastic, and I decided top paint. Paint diluted in vodka with food coloring, applied with a sponge. The vodka will quickly evaporate and it will not allow the mastic to melt.
And when the typewriter is dry, glue bow and ribbon. Voila!
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