Delicious mashed potatoes
To cook mashed can do everything. But I want to share with you some tricks that will turn ordinary mashed potatoes into incredible yummy! This is the most delicious mashed potatoes I've ever eaten! Tender, no lumps, just delicious. Found this recipe on the website Cook. ru, author of Emerald, a very respected chef, I saw a lot of great recipes. Found a long time, seven years ago, and since then better, but not tried.


  • Potatoes

    12 piece

  • Cream

    0.5 cup

  • Butter

    2 Tbsp

  • Salt


Potatoes wash, peel and boil until tender.
Then the water is completely drained off, cover with a towel and on very low heat otpaivaem to whitening. That is dried it until then, until you evaporate all the moisture. The author of the recipe wrote that it is to ensure that the potatoes absorbed more of the butter and milk (cream)
Mash the potatoes very well without water, without anything very carefully. When there is no water to make it a lot easier, puree is obtained without lumps.
Then add a piece of butter, definitely melted (I do this in the microwave), mash.
Add hot milk or 10% cream, stir, as if whisking.
And only now add salt, black pepper or any favorite seasoning. I want to say that we must abide by all sure, and only then you will get exactly the mashed potatoes, I'm talking about.
Delicious mashed potatoes are ready!
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    Оксана Симонова

    Добавила в избранное, теперь всегда готовлю по этому рецепту. Картофельное

  • user-avatar
    елена родионова

    отличная картошечка!

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