A cradle for the baby from icing
The cradle of the icing is spectacular with exquisite decoration for the cake. It could be the Christening of the baby or when You are celebrating the first year of birth. To make this cradle is not so difficult, but very interesting. It is possible to decorate everything: to make larger or smaller size, to put a different pattern on the sides etc, but still get a beautiful, unique and just Your only product. Such a cradle can be made in advance and stored for long periods in a plastic box, putting away and higher up so you don't accidentally touch, because all the products from icing are very fragile. The cradle can also be done as a gift to your relatives or friends, who You invited to your family's holiday. You will see the admiring glances of guests, because this is not a toy to buy in the store, but only can be done by hand. If You choose to not bake a homemade cake, but you can buy in the store, in this case, the crib can be put on store-bought cake. It is also good to mould sleeping baby fondant, and even from unleavened dough, "to wear" a cap on the head, put in the cradle, the blankets covering mastic or thinly rolled piece of dough, giving the appropriate form. Hostesses who have no experience working with fondant, make a fresh test and the Piglet, enabling their imagination. It will be interesting if modeling will you be doing with Your children.


  • Powdered sugar

    1 cup

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Lemon juice


Draw a pattern for the back. We will need 1 pattern for backrest and 1 drawing for the front of the cradle. Rectangular templates need 3 - one for the base of the cradle and two is side. Then on top of a template imposed rigid transparent plastic file to your figure underneath it was clearly visible, fill the icing envelope or kornetik with the smallest hole, so the icing came out clearly in the contour of the figures by a thin line, approximately, on the principle of a decal from our childhood. Boca draw icing 1 cm shorter from the base. After You have circled all Your glaze patterns (rectangular, again, should be 3), leave to dry our drawings for about 24 hours. I believe that the more our dried products, the better. After drying very carefully remove from the file and proceed with the same icing to glue our parts crib in stages.
First, carefully take the back back put the icing with a brush and attach the bottom base at an angle of 90 degrees. To fix this step can be replacing the foam with a clean, dry sponge, which we use for washing dishes. Our back and also to dry for about 3 - 4 hours in this position. In the picture I have the back and the base has dried. The same method we continue to glue the other parts of the cradle. It first one side and then head back, then - the second side, and side curtain, the last. Work is moving so: glue, fix, dry, etc. until all parts fail a cradle. The cradle is decorated at its sole discretion, if You did for girls, in this case, the decorations should be pink, if boy then blue.
The crib ready. My size was taken as 10 cm in length, back high-back - 8 cm and front legs - 5 cm.
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