My zraziki
I looked on the website recipes and decided to write as I do.....


  • Flour

    1 kg

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Vegetable oil

    300 ml

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Potatoes

    2 kg

  • Chicken

    1.1 kg

  • Broth

    1 cup


I have a hen-athlete... or as my brother says, is the one that died a natural death... in Short soup (can be chicken). Her wash, cut and cover with water. Salt. I cook in the oven, save... (And the broiler cooks quickly).
The chicken I had in the oven 3 hours. It is now necessary to remove the meat together with the skin. Meat skip through Mincer.
Peel onion and cut into cubes. Fry until transparent. (I have a little too much while chasing children)
To the onions add the minced chicken. Add the broth. I added tablespoons and I went 25 spoons. Add the broth you have until fluffy status meat.
Potatoes to peel, boil, cool. Mince.
To the potatoes add the eggs and 6 tbsp flour. (If the potatoes are dry, 4 tbsp flour)
Knead in the bowl that kind of DOUGH. Well, the similarity test..... If you add more flour, when it is browned, it will be harsh...
On the table, pour the flour. Right mountain. To save on flour better not...
Flour slightly flatten and put in the dough...
....roll it in flour...
Cut from the beginning into 4 parts and then each part for 10 parts. Each piece roll in flour. We must look to the dough on the table naked did not fall, and something will stick...
Each make a small indentation for the filling. Or middle phalanx of finger or fingertips.
Put into the recess 1 dessert spoon with a slide, but not great, toppings. To take the edge, as in pies. Pozajmiti gently between his palms folded boat. Then, before putting on the pan, press a small press. All we need to do a large amount of flour. And gently, the dough is not elastic.
So I'll stick only to hot ostragivajut extra flour, make patties and pan.
In a pan pour oil approximately 1cm. heat Oil over high heat. Bake until Golden brown, on high heat.
Ready pancakes spread with the beginning of the paper. Oil drains quite a lot..leaked after 6 p.
Then on a plate. Here's a shot came out.
Is this beauty and in hot and cold. Very tasty when a lot of sour cream.... but it is possible and without it. Bon Appetit!!!!!!
Forgot to write that to do something with a lot of flour!!! I have a small cook it in the strainer collects and sifts, and I did already back in the pack. Well all zrazy actually leaves the ISS. 1 Cup of flour... And if the dough and filling ready, then fry takes 40 min + cooking.
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