The icing on the water of the cocoa
Offer a simple and affordable recipe glaze made from cocoa. Quickly cooked, without added fat, eggs and butter. There are times when there is no chocolate for making the glaze. This recipe will rescue you and will not disappoint. It does not have the usual Shine, like an oil glaze, but it turns out soft and gentle, easy to apply to cupcakes, muffins, cakes.


  • Powdered sugar

    50 g

  • Cocoa powder

    1 tsp

  • Water

    2 tsp


In a Cup mix the icing sugar with cocoa powder, good RUB, to avoid lumps.
Water to boil, add parts, mix well. Add all the water. You may need a little less or more water. By varying the amount of water you can achieve the desired consistency of glaze.
The icing on the water of the cocoa is ready.
Work with this glaze immediately after making. Very easy to apply and well kept. You can apply it with a spoon.
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