Ice cream in the web
Honestly, were surprised when the search found such a simple and bold design of almost any dish. So enjoy, dear cooks! Today I have ice cream and You can in the web to put any dessert, or on top of the cake. But if cobweb acidify, and fish! Why not? In General, Bezostaya, go!


  • Ice cream

    1 pack

  • Sugar

    0.5 cup

  • Lemon juice

    0.5 tsp


Prepare ice cream according to your taste. I have, for lack of time - so. Of melted chocolate with a toothpick make spider. There honestly couldn't remember how much his paws. To calculate it was not possible (well not in the house any spider), so was limited to eight.
Now being built here this design. In advance before going to make caramel
Now caramel - sugar+lemon juice heated in a pan until Golden brown, remove from heat, wait until slightly thickened. And now a fork (or whisk) dip in caramel and when we see that she's no longer dripping and starts to reach, quick movements (only very actively whisk don't wave - get entangled in the web) put the caramel on the ladle and fork. Forgot to say - fork and ladle grease with vegetable oil to easily went the caramel. In General, the created. Be honest - you need some skill and practice. With a ladle remove the cocoon, and with forks grid and built this tower.
Transfer to ice cream, cake, fish, dessert, etc. (insanity knows no bounds) - voila, welcome to the table!
By the way, I added more citric acid more, so that Kislenko was - then you can and fish. Intrusive prompt those who participate in the contest "give me tonight", and maybe she will try to participate
Well, here's another from this perspective enjoy the
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