Oatmeal with prunes
At the time I, like many of my friends hooked on hot cereal in bags. But one day I was interested in the composition of this cereal. After reading this mess I wouldn't eat anymore. Began to prepare oatmeal for myself. Today I want to offer You a prescription here's some oatmeal. Help yourself!


  • Oat flakes

    1 cup

  • Milk

    300 g

  • Water

    300 g

  • Prunes

    90 g

  • Sugar

  • Salt


Milk mixed with boiled water and bring to a boil.
Take a Cup oats (I like this). A glass normal, Soviet, faceted (incidentally created by Vera Mukhina, the author of the sculpture "worker and collective farm girl").
While stirring add the Hercules in milk.
Add to the pan with the prunes. I have prunes ready to eat, soft. If prunes are dried, it is better at night, pour water. Our porridge cook until thick, stirring occasionally. By the time it will take about 10 minutes.
The gruel is ready! BON APPETIT!!!
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