Prepared in the steamer, inexpensive and very easy dish. The taste is actually very similar to cottage cheese dessert "Danissimo", especially when you throw chocolate in my version. Very delicate, light and pleasant, will bring You great pleasure!


  • Sour cream

    500 g

  • Sugar

    140 g

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Flour

    2 Tbsp

  • Chocolate milk


Separate the yolks from proteins, mix them with sour cream and sugar. Then whisk the whites into a thick foam - I fluffed with a fork, the result is not affected :) Next proteins spread in sour cream mixture and gently, slowly, stir. Scatter evenly with flour, slowly stir the base. In a Cup of rice, put plastic wrap, then easily pull the cheesecake. Pour on the film mixture. Then take another sheet of cling film and close it on top of our cheesecake is need to water when the evaporation was not included in our mix. I try the upper and lower film together and tuck so as not to close the holes in the bowl through which enters the hot steam. The timer I set for 45 minutes. But the main criterion should not be the time for you to see when you get to the middle cheesecake - so he's ready. I got it after 35 minutes. In the photo - cheesecake ready and laid out on a platter to further cool. Frankly, laid out I find it so hard, really wanted to turn the convex side up and so little inside him broke. The taste is of course not affected.
I took a bar of chocolate "Russian. Dark and white". Dark tiles and light I cut into small pieces, spread out in different tiny plastic containers, closed with plastic wrap, so they do not get water. Put in a steamer basket for 10 minutes. It seems to mean that the tiles intact, but the chocolate need to stop - you will see that the tiles will go. Weight I have is pretty thick, so a cheesecake I didn't get watered and daubed. White chocolate went bad, left the pieces in the photo you can see them.
Put in refrigerator until cool the bulk and harden the chocolate. My first cheesecake was a night in the fridge. In General, they say, it is enough to keep 4 hours) in the Morning, I smeared the chocolate froze probably half an hour. Finished miracle in the form of a cut - smoothly cutting hard, frozen chocolate tasty breaks.
Ate with your beloved, enjoying this wonderful soft breaking thin with chocolate :) Hope You liked it and everything is clear! Mmmm... Darling, too, was excited :)
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