Decoration from marshmallow
It so happens that a nice presentation of dessert is a challenge hostess. And crumbs sprinkled and frosting watered, and more complex decorations lack the skills... But to please loved ones really want! So Utkin came for dinner, saw the cake and "grunted" surprise :)


  • Marshmallows

  • Cream

  • Mastic

  • Toffee


To make the decoration of the marshmallow is not difficult. You will need marshmallows, colored iris, and mastic. Mastic just to make yourself melt the marshmallows (marshmallows 40-50 g) in a water bath or in the microwave, and add the mixture of sugar, starch and cream until a plastic mass for moulding. On our website many recipes, choose any. The fondant can be colored, for example black color I mashed the pill activated charcoal and got it in mastic. You can use chewing iris type "Frutella", "Mamba". From the heat of the hand it becomes plastic, allowing you to do complex figures.
From a piece of white mastic formed a tourniquet about 10 cm long and 1 cm in diameter, with a small seal on one end.
Compacted tip, make an incision with a knife, there we will fill the future "beak" our "Swan". From butterscotch yellow (orange or red) color to form the beak, black for the mastic to form a plate around the nose wart.
Refillable items in the billet, carefully pressed, otpravlyaem, simulated "beak".
Next, make holes for future "eyes". Rolls of black mastic small balls and fill them in the holes well-press. In principle the blank is finished.
Now we have to give the workpiece a curved shape in the form of S and leave to dry at room temperature. If mastic will be straightened out then you can gently back it from different angles. To fixate the workpiece in a couple of hours and completely dry in a day.
Begin to build the Swan. Marshmallows divided into two halves, one is base, the second part being cut along the outline, so that beautiful waves simulated "wings".
On the basis of apply the cream, you can use any cream that holds its shape well and does not leak. It may be oil, cream ice cream, protein "wet kiss", "kimchis".
Set in the middle of the Swan neck, and the sides of the marshmallow halves, which will simulate the wings of a bird.
The space between the "wings" filled with cream, it's easiest using a pastry bag, karnatic. Just put in any bag packing a couple of tablespoons of cream, cut the corner and squeeze the cream to bind all parts of the Swan. If you have pastry tips, you can make beautiful waves and "tail".
Our decoration is ready. Decorate the cake, dessert. Your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised!
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