This is not a recipe of cake, that's how to get it.


  • The cake

    3 piece

  • Cream

    600 g

  • Jelly

    1 pack

  • Vegetable oil

    0.5 cup

  • Mastic


That's what we need. Just want to say that the cake can be made any, but it should not be too wide and high, so in the end it turned out to be a tub or small barrel. I have 3 layers: two - chocolate cake and one cheesecake (cheesecake). Diameter 17.5 cm cake
Assemble the cake layers promazyvaya cream. The cream also can be anything, I have cream cheese with butter and raspberry jam. Now on top of the cake, stepping back from the edges of 1.5 cm, cut out the circle to make indentation.
Cover the whole cake with cream and put in refrigerator. To achieve an absolutely smooth surface is not necessary, as it is evident it will not.
Now for the mastic. We will need 2 pieces: one is dark brown other is light brown. Paste painted with food paint to the desired color. Roll two sausages and twist them.
Now twist the two sausages and fold in half, twist again and once again fold in half. We do this in order to get a semblance of a wooden surface.
Roll out the fondant. That's what happened
Measure the height of our cake and cut "boards", more than the height of the cake about an inch 4.
Now the strip of mastic laid on the cake, leaving the bottom a little, and wrapping the strips in the recess at the top.
And so - in a circle until you cover the whole cake. Here's what we got. Cut the excess mastic on the top and bottom too (I'm still at the top does not cut it in this photo)
Now it is the turn of ROE. For this we need jelly, vegetable oil and a syringe (I have a pastry, but you can use ordinary).
The process of making "caviar" will not describe, it is on the website here: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/523 05/
From the remnants of mastic cut 2 strips and glue them around the cake: one down, second from the top. Do the riveting. The riveting I've done with a pen cap. Pressed the cap into the mastic and in the middle has stripes. Supenaam recess at the top of the "caviar". And then, as you like. You can leave and you can come up with additional decorations. Words written in white edible paint.
And here is how the cake looked inside.
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