Shokoladniy plastic for modeling
This is the first rose I made, maybe not as perfect as we would like, but I want to share with you this recipe, so simple and very easy and fast to perform!


  • White chocolate

    100 g

  • Glucose

    2 Tbsp

  • Dark chocolate

    100 g


Chocolate to melt on a steam bath, add the glucose and mix quickly to mastic the mass moved away from the walls of the bowl.
Place in plastic wrap and give the mass the form of a disk with a thickness of 0.6 cm
Send overnight in the refrigerator. Before use, remove from refrigerator and allow to lie down in the room for 30 minutes, then knead well with your hands until it is soft and plastic mass. Pinch off a small piece and roll it a cone, it will be the core of the rosettes. Roll into balls with a diameter of 1.2 cm, put them between plastic sheets (food package) and roll in the petals. I spread the petals with your fingers, did some stuff until they solidified, to prepare the next batch.
Place in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes to thicken and attach to the cone, placing the flower over and over again in the refrigerator, so that the petals are fixed and do not stick together.
The tips of the petals can be folded with a toothpick. From a given quantity of mastic turns out 3-4 is quite a big flower. Store the paste in the food package can be very long. Ready flowers store in a closed container when they freeze, become quite fragile. P. S. do it all the time and not only for colors, and often for figures or added to the mastic. Paint it is necessary or dry dyes, or specials. dyes for chocolate oil-based, or, at worst, a gel. From ordinary dyes and water-based white chocolate (it is painted) can coagulate. I also noticed that the chocolate plastic with white chocolate it is better to interfere as little as possible and quickly, and then it begins to give off too much oil. If this happened, we need oil just to overcome.
Found on the Internet the recipe of glucose. Glucose syrup can be prepared by, for this we need 100 gram 64 gram of grape sugar (glucose tablets or powder) and 36 grams of water; boil together till the glucose is dissolved, and boil the must to a temperature of 100 degrees. That is about as protein cream, but a little less time. Long boil is not necessary, otherwise caramelization will occur. At the end of cooking, add 1 teaspoon of glycerin. The finished syrup pour into a glass jar and when cooled, put into the refrigerator and there to keep it. Stored for several months. If he after some time will harden, then Nietzsche is wrong, just melt it in the microwave. Tried to make plastic using honey - not! Ready glucose.
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