Chocolate kitties
Figurines made of chocolate cake decoration


  • White chocolate

    100 g

  • Butter

    50 g

  • Milk

    2 Tbsp

  • Powdered sugar

    300 g

  • Crackers

  • Dark chocolate

    100 g


Melt chocolate with milk and butter. All the time mix until a smooth homogeneous mass. By the way, it turned out that is what happens a GREAT FROSTING! (Picked up a pencil).
Remove from heat, add the powdered sugar and carefully beat with a mixer. In the Kitty I would add crackers or cookies – white chocolate melts perfectly in any form...
Shape with low sides greased with oil and spread film so that the edge of the film to close the chocolate then. Spread the chocolate even out. For Cats it is necessary to make thicker. Cover with foil and in the freezer for an hour.
Until the frost, draw a sketch, cut it.
Take out the chocolate, put on a plate or tray, remove the foil. Put on the smooth side of the cutout figure, draw out the tip of a knife and cut. If you have the skill, the Cat (white chocolate is not held) cut like soft wood, smoothing with a knife to the contours of the figures.
Put on crackers sprinkled on a saucer, sprinkle the top (it's not melted in his hands and to give texture).
Before placing cake on the table the figure waiting in the freezer.
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