Mastic Alenushka
She will definitely succeed! After futile attempts to make mastic cakes I almost gave up. No mastic with me didn't want to be friends. Breaks, the cake, the bunch of folds that I had to hide. And there was... it was not taken from "bulldozer" and TURNED. The cake was covered and the drape is already a recipe recorded and want to share. Mastic is obtained a very cheap, incredibly tasty, easy to use. One thing... not white. The number of ingredients, I have enough to cover the cake with a diameter of 27 see the drape tedious was the same.


  • Condensed milk

    1 Tbsp

  • Butter

    22 g

  • Marshmallows

    30 g

  • Lemon juice

    1 tsp

  • Powdered sugar

    60 g

  • Potato starch

    15 g


In a saucepan (I have nonstick) put the butter, condensed milk, lemon juice and mormyshki. Put in a water bath, and stir until a homogeneous mass. Allow to cool slightly. Add 1 tablespoon of starch and 2 tablespoons sakh powder and mix.
Pour on the table, 50 grams of si powder and 2 tbsp of starch. Put in the center of our mass out of the pan and begin to knead by hand, adding the dye. Sugar paste takes not much.
I kneaded and nothing more is put on the table, since this quantity was already clear that the mastic is good raskinetsya. The piece was not large, but it's enough to fit a cake.
When I made my first fondant (pink), I thought that at me something will come, and when needed the second, recorded the prescription. All done by eye. The fondant is rolled out thin enough. Is (1 fold happened) falls on the cake, not torn from it.
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