Stroller from icing
For future moms, grandmothers, godparents, mom and all loved ones who are waiting in the future, time baby, offer to make such a wheelchair. This is a very striking beautiful decoration for birthday cake. I will not say that it is not difficult - the work itself is very tedious, but interesting. The stroller can be done in a week, and with the most employment, job it is possible to extend for a month, putting the parts away from damage, (because they are very fragile), and then continue. Each family have their own individual approach to any food preparation and decoration, especially, You are able to change something in the decoration, to increase or decrease its size, make a single-storey cake or, in General, buy in cooking and to decorate the carriage. You can show your unique talents, but, in any case, this is only Your exclusive product. I presented a version for girls, adorned in pink, if stroller do for the baby boy, then decorate with pattern with blue flowers and a doll covered pale blue blankets. On the main photo I show the wheelchair on the layout of the cake, decorating it with mastic flowers, stars and satin ribbon. It's just a metal form that I use when baking, in order best to present the product already on the cake.


  • Egg white

    1 piece

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Lemon juice


In a dense white sheet from the Yearbook draw a pencil pattern details for future strollers. The sample we shall use as an ordinary disk. Put the disc on the paper, trace the diameter fully, and then measure out the size as I have in the photo, highlighting the need 1/4 of the disk. The sidewall to apply a range of strokes diagonally in one direction and then in the other side, turned to an oblique cell (see photo). Such templates should be 2. This is our future lateral sides of the stroller. Next draw the wheels. I've taken a shot and made 4 circles 5 cm in diameter. Draw 1 rectangle measuring 4.5 cm x 6 cm - this is an item under the bottom of the stroller. Visor blind - 1 drawing and one piece - size 5 cm, down 2 cm - 2,5 cm Draw on the paper pattern, how do you tell a fantasy. The two pattern is a whorl that looks similar to the dollar sign $, these two circuits we need for the rear wheels as shock absorbers. The size is about 2 cm. We also need the handle for the stroller, I painted in the manner of a semicircle (like a horseshoe), the size of the eye. The figure shows two handles like the letter "s" that stick on the edges of the front of the stroller, but I did do one semi-circular cm of the photo sharing. Handlebar do at will.
The most difficult part of our work is the round part, which serves as a backrest, turning at the bottom. Size width 5 cm and length measured on the disk from the edge of the top of the dome of the wheelchair and so on down to the end, see layout on the pictures and you will understand. Take a stack of disks, put them on top of each other to get the height to 5 cm Fix tape on all sides so that the drives "don't walk" - get one round this heavy item. Pasted on the bundle of disks shaded paper strip (see picture), which cover the transparent thick file and also fix the file tape.
Here you can see the icing on the deposited file. In this state, this part must dry for two days. When you draw icing this round part, try to do thin lines, especially the edge - this detail needs to be sturdy because it will hold the whole construction.
My tools for drawing with icing. You can buy them in school supplies stores that sell everything for children's creativity. It is at Your discretion, you can draw with a cooking kornetika with the nozzle # 1 plastic baggie filled with frosting and cut a small hole with scissors, one goal - to let the glaze was otsuzhivalis in the figure by a thin line.
So we put the dry detail of the sidewall, applied round part of the back-bottoms, glued with the same icing, using a brush and fixing foam (China) sponges. We'll hold off on them as if the round part on all sides. Dry about one day, i.e. morning, sticking one part in the evening - next. When the round part is glued and dried on one side, begin gluing the second side of the stroller, in the same way and also puts a foam sponge. Leave to dry for one day or one night. Here is the photo I got two steps. Below the photo to the finished lower part is attached a rectangular item, we will glue our wheels.
Wheels as well - glued first one side, fix, foam, dry day or night, then the other side. In the bonding process of wheels should consider the fact that they stood straight relative to the wheels on the other side. Drivers this is called "Camber", that they were not "narutoverse", and stood evenly, if foam sponges are not enough suitable height, i.e. do not get right to the wheel when fixing, use something handy - or a matchbox, or a clean cigarette, they are very good also suitable for fixing of parts during the drying process because is covered with a thin plastic wrap that doesn't stick to the icing. You will understand it in the process.
Our decoration. I used a very small mastic sugar flowers. They will need more than 120 pieces plus pearly sugar beads in the center of each flower. Again, I repeat that you can decorate the stroller according to your desire.
In the buggy you can put mastic and baby, since we have a stroller for the girls I did pink mastic blanket, giving it the appropriate form. Then I wrapped the mastic popsense and put it in the stroller, showing you in the photo below as an option.
Rather, for the baby-baby I needed only the head, I connected with a piece of oblong postmark and "wrapped" in a blanket. On the head of doll, tied handkerchief, just roll a piece of white mastic.
Our baby.
Option for one year old baby. Has grown :).
Stroller, completely. Doll purchased here, not mastic. If you have the desire, then you can sculpt the angel of mastic and put a number behind the stroller, option for the Christening.
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