Easter sugar eggs
This Easter souvenir, which is wonderfully suited as a gift for children and adults. It can be stored indefinitely, and its production leaves a feeling of delight and joy. Doing it is not difficult, and this is my first experience. Your imagination and Golden hands will certainly tell you other options.


  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Water

    1.5 Tbsp

  • Mastic

    100 g


For preparation you will need the plastic shells of the chocolate eggs. On each egg 2 PCs.
Sugar mixed with water. The consistency should be like mud pies (there is a reason to remember your childhood!)If you want to touch up the water 1-2 drops of the dye, and then incorporate the sugar.
Wet sugar stuffed shells, so that the layer of sugar was 5-7mm. Utrambovyvaya plump and smooth. the sand can extend beyond the shell - not terrible, then gently broken off.
Now comes the most responsible moment - you need to be patient and leave stuffed shells for a day! to dry. Those who hurry to pull the eggs at risk to get such result
So with the excitement of taking the shell in his hands, the day waiting behind us for a surprise. Turning the eggshell upside down and gently tapping we are easily detachable sugar crust! And then second and third and... how did
Halves stuck together with mastic. I used mastic for bonding at the stage of kneading i.e. not as thick as clay, and such like toothpaste. Mastic is very simple - apelsinovie slices melted in the microwave and mixed with powdered sugar (just nothing else at hand was not, and don't have the strength)
Skleyannaya sugar halves left to dry, and itself at this time of the mastic with the molds for cookies (small) cut flowers. The seam from gluing made flowers out of paste, stuck them on a normal protein.
This egg inspiration! Good luck to You, my dear!
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