Cheese with sun dried apricots
Cheese is very useful, but kids don't always want to eat it! You have to go to all sorts of tricks!


  • Cheese

    250 g

  • Dried apricots

    150 g

  • Sugar

    7 Tbsp

  • Water

    0.5 cup

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece


First, prepare the apricots for our apricot sauce. It will wash, then boil in a little water and again wash. We do it for our kids ate those substances which are used to treat dried fruits. Then add about 0.5 Cup. water, 3 tbsp sugar and cook the apricots over low heat for 5 min.
While dried apricots are cooked, put the cheese in the steamer. For this mix the cottage cheese, egg and 4 tbsp sugar.
Make curd lepeshechki and put them in a container for cooking rice (can be put in a container for microwave). Sealable container foil (not got excess moisture). Set a timer for 10 min.
Now, while preparing the cheese, make apricot sauce. For this cooked dried apricots grind in a blender. All the sauce is ready! And the cheese was just getting ready! Give the cheese to cool slightly and begin to sculpt our sun!
Gently with a spatula spread one circle of cheese on a plate, spread on top of the second. Sauce, draw the rays.
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