Rather, it is not a cake, but a description of the process of its decoration. Friends asked me to make a birthday cake for men, always with mastic. I (if You remember from the diaries) are only beginning to comprehend the wisdom of it. My choice stopped on this idea. Maybe so beginners like me and will be useful to my experience. For the masters of decoration say - the criticism constructively and appropriately (if you put a minus would you like to know)


  • Biscuit

  • Cream

  • Mastic

  • The food dye

  • Cocoa powder

    2 tsp

  • Butter

    100 g

  • Condensed milk

    100 g


Previously I made the mold for the bottle (from gypsum).
White paste (100 g marshmallows, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp of butter + icing sugar) roll out very thin 1-2 mm in size in 2 times more than our future cake. Collect folds to the size of the cake, leaving a smooth place under the "bottle". Let dry for several hours.
Bisquit cut into two Korzh coat with cream. I had cream cheese (500ml yoghurt, 350 g of cottage cheese, 1 tbsp. sugar, 20 g gelatin).
The remnants of the cream of vykladyvaem covered in cling film form to the bottle.
Cover with a second Korzh. Put into the fridge to solidify.
Started another batch of mastic, 1/3 left white - complicit with powdered sugar, put it in the fridge.
The second part of the pilot - added 2 tsp of cocoa powder (once again not to use dyes)
This color turned out in liquid form. I was wondering how to behave in the mastic, if it is not fully mix powdered sugar, namely with the addition of cocoa.
Further, in the powdered sugar to the state of clay and 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
Cut the cake
Softened butter is whipped with condensed milk
And put on cake (1 tbsp of cream left for the frosting)
Let us "brandy." Out of shape get our bottle. She was in the food film, so there were no problems. Spread on bars.
Prepare the frosting: 1 tbsp cream, 2 tsp cocoa powder a little, 1 tsp butter, 1 tbsp milk warmed on the water - glaze finish.
Applied to the workpiece - I just poured over the top, spread the frosting well. Put into the fridge until firm.
Here, it is "bottle".
Now we need to make the sides of the cake. Roll out brown fondant (through trial and error I came to the conclusion that paste is better first to roll it out to desired width, and then stretch to the desired length). In our cake wdline you can roll it out a little more-a little less because of the decorative corners close to the seams.
Cut - my cake turned out to be a height of 6 cm, I rolled to 7, because I didn't know how she "usage".
Apply it on the cake, smooth. So all four sides.
The joints at the corners of the "proclaim" vodka
The white piece of mastic paint in yellow (and if you have the gold) color
Cut out the corners and also with the help of vodka glue
Here is our "fabric" is dried and it can be easily transferred to the cake - the extra can be cut
Put the "bottle" from scraps of the yellow mastic I made the cover from scraps of white - label. Labels made with food markers.
In a small amount of vodka threw a little content in the food gel pencil gold color and a brush coated fabric. For some reason on photos it is not shiny (maybe the light not the chosen)
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