Protein cream with sugar generovani
Want to suggest a recipe of protein cream from generowania sugar (Gelfix - vegetable thickener for jellies and jams). Sugar need to take 2:1. The cream is prepared quickly, it turns a delicate, light and holds the shape, is not covered by a dry crust. I use it for cupcakes. The cream is delicious with a slight acidity.


  • Sugar

    120 g

  • Water

    60 ml

  • Egg white

    1 piece


Sugar pour into a saucepan, pour water and put to cook on slow fire.
Boil until, when the syrup will be halved and it will be transparent.
Using a mixer beat white foam. Immediately pour the hot syrup in a thin stream into a protein and continue to beat with electric mixer about 5 min.
The cream turns thick.
If you have a pastry bag, fill it with cream and apply on the pastries. I have no bag, I applied the cream with a spoon on cupcakes..
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