Cake decoration
A description of how it was done decorating this cake without the recipe of the cake.


  • The finished dish

    1 piece

  • Butter

    500 g

  • Condensed milk

    1 can

  • Mastic

    2 kg

  • The food dye

  • Vodka


Assembled and chilled the cake. To level the cake you want on a flat surface. The recipe for the cake here http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/101 950/
Tools for leveling the cake is not tricky. Yellow is a set of plastic spatulas purchased at the hardware store and a plastic ruler with a right angle.
For leveling, I use a regular butter cream, butter plus condensed milk. Butter room temperature beat with a mixer gradually adding the condensed milk. Cream always do with the stock as there are different situations. Using a small spatula apply a thick layer of cream on the cake.
Then take the triangle put it on the table, a right angle to the cake and hold the sides of the cake, removing the excess cream. The layer of cream should not be very thick. Then the long side of the triangle equal the top of the cream. Then the corners otpravlyaem.
Here is a cake I can do after the first layer of cream. Then put it in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours. The cream must be frozen. For my cake lacked such alignment. (For more complex work I leveled the cakes more closely. A thin layer again cover the entire cake, again put in the fridge, and then smoothing the surface with a hot knife.)
When the cake hardens, prepare all for rolling out the putty, I have to do is fit the cloth oilskin tight size 60x70 cm And a length of the plastic pipe instead of a rolling pin a length of about 70 cm with a Small rolling pin to roll out large sheets of mastic uncomfortable. Roll the fondant to a thickness of 4-5 mm.
Then take the rolled out sheet together with the film about halfway and transferred onto the cake, cover the cake with fondant along with a napkin, and then she comes unstuck. Before that I tried to do like in the online videos to add, she does stick to cracking in the crease begins (once the coating of the wedding cake almost ruined, cracked went). Therefore, the option of cloth I like.
Folds laterally expelled from the free edge of the mastic, smooth with a good top pad is plastic, then iron the sides and trim the excess paste. Remove again in the fridge for an hour.
Prepare the tool, various brushes, cutting for flowers cinquefoil, set to work with fondant, and small caps from baby food for dilution of paints. Still need paper napkins or towels.
Dilute with a little yellow blue and green dye. First, based on the sun, paint it yellow and make the blurred light in the hand. Divorced blue draw the water and some part of the sky. Green draw the likeness of a cane.
Red take in two variants one is very diluted to pink and painted them a part of the sky above the sun, but only those where there is almost no blue. A more saturated red painted band near the setting sun (leaving sometimes flashes yellow) and slightly down on the water.
Then added the darker strokes of brown color, not dilute the blue at the top of the sky and a little black there. Black painted birds.
Mixed white dye and silver dust dripped back vodka and a bit struck on the glare on the water. Gold powder sprinkled quite a bit of the sunset and the water surface. For twigs took paste and painted it with brown paint, rolled up sausages of different sizes and put on the cake in a Bush, then slightly flattened them with my fingers and bore touches the stack, you can use a toothpick.
For the flowers I took and colored the fondant in pink color of varying intensity.
The flowers I made two sizes bigger more Mature and bright, and smaller ones that only blossomed and more saturated color. Large the background I did on the table, unrolled the pale mastic with a thickness of about 3mm, cutting of the workpiece is made.
Then the ball, each petal pressed in the center that they have acquired a bend.
Small five-petal logging of more intense postmark make the heart of the flower and glue it in the center of the workpiece.
Ass flower wetted vodka, with a brush and glue into place for relief under the petals, putting small pieces of napkins. For smaller flowers, I took a cutting with the ejector and a paste medium color intensity. So after cutting them I smeared with vodka and immediately pressed by the ejector to the landing place on the cake. Flower in a red circle.
Inserting finger from the back side of the petal, I also gave them a ball shape. And at the end gently in the middle, put the Central part of the flower. Dark mastic a couple of balls rolled up as not opened buds. While I was doing the small flowers and buds, petals large enough frozen to be able to remove the pieces of cloth.
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