So, sneakers hid! I understand that the pizza recipes on the website a lot, but here is my inspired by the my favorite show "La Spezia", and I'm ready to share with the cooks with things that will cook the pizza in the restaurant! Well, or in Italy.


  • Water

    500 ml

  • Flour

    700 g

  • Olive oil

    6 Tbsp

  • Salt

    1 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    1 tsp

  • Yeast

    11 g

  • Tomato paste

    70 g

  • Oregano

  • Basil

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme

  • Lemon juice

  • Mozzarella

    300 g

  • Sausage

  • Pork

  • Tomato

    2 piece


The pizza dough is prepared straight way. If You like thick pizza (American option) then the dough has to be cooked with proportions 400 ml warm water 600 g flour and after the dough put in a warm place for 1-2 hours. But I love thin Italian pizza. To do this, the dough is kneaded in cold water and being prepared. The yeast in this case just give the acidity in the dough. So knead a dough from water, flour, olive oil, salt, sugar and yeast. I have done in the breadmaker on the "Fresh dough". From the specified number of turns the dough into 4 pizzas, but I've done 2 so half left in the freezer, where it is preserved perfectly.
Well, will be finished about the dough. It turns out it is quite thick and with a rolling pin it will not roll out. But the crust comes out hard and crunchy. This dough need to knead and stretch the hands. Unfortunately, the picture failed, because one hand was busy with the camera.
The pan or form you need to spread vegetable oil. If we cook on the baking sheet, you need to make a "rim" to leaking sauce and cheese.
While the breadmaker kneaded the dough, I prepared the sauce. In any case, do not use for pizza ketchup. Ketchup is used for ready dishes, and when cooked falls apart into components and burning. As the chef of the "Spice" sauce is the soul of pizza. Each pizzeria and stored in a terrible secret. Usually, sauces are spicy. The transfer showed two sauces. One was prepared from Italian canned in their own juice tomato. Expensive - the toad presses. The second one with fresh tomatoes. Now (in winter) they for 25 UAH. (100 rubles) per 1 kg. Also the toad presses. In the summer I will prepare and post on the site. And today, after listening to the tips and principles, I made sauce from tomato paste.
Tomato paste I mixed to a thick tomato juice. The amount of water (200 ml) I have written about, so pour "by eye". Add herbs, salt, sugar, olive (or other vegetable) oil and put on fire.
Ovarium half. In the end add the juice of half a lemon.
Herbs (oregano, Basil, thyme, rosemary) has already done its job and gave the flavors of the sauce. Now we don't need them, and the sauce needs to be smooth. Therefore, strain it through a sieve.
Here's our sauce. However, because of the couple photo is not much good came of it.
And now about the saddest thing of all about the cheese! There need only mozzarella, which costs a lot. Analogues, alas, no. Well, except pork (which is also not cheap), but feta is very salty. Feature of mozzarella is that it melts very well and lasts even in the cooled state. If mozzarella is not, then I will write how to be. But there is good news. True, the most expensive salad mozzarella made from the milk of any special Buffalo. But it's for pizza is not very suitable. There need mozzarella is easier - from the milk of our cows. So "Mozzarella Ukrainian" will fit right in.
Mozzarella cheese three on a coarse grater. Approximately 120-150 g per pizza.
Pizza dough sauce.
Fall asleep cheese. By the way, if the mozzarella You still not found, we must first put the filling and then fill with cheese.
And now let him walk by Your imagination. The filling can be varied. Well, You already know me. I have one pizza was marinated in kiwi and ginger pork and tomatoes. And another point, fresh tomatoes I was a little Podolia.
And the second with boiled-smoked salami and tomatoes.
Bake in the oven at 220 degrees 10-15 minutes
Until it will turn brown,
And serve!
Try it!
It's delicious!
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