Refreshing drink from Basil
Refreshing, very vitamin energy drink. What could be better in the heat? I'll tell you the basics of making this drink, but its components vary according to your own taste.


  • Basil

    1 coup

  • Honey

  • Lemon


We need fresh purple Basil. Of course, make you can from the green, but then there will be such a play of color. Now the number of. 3-liter bottle is enough for 4-5 branches, it is somewhere ½ bunch. For a litre jug - enough for two.
Lay washed sprigs in the selected container. I put 4 on the pitcher that you get better color metamorphosis that will occur with the drink.
Gently pour in a container of boiling water. Liquid in the eyes becomes blue-purple color. Stir and allow to stand for 10 minutes.
Add the lemon or citric acid to taste. In a three-liter tank of about 1 lemon. Slices of lemon can be there. The liquid immediately changes color to intense pink.
Immediately add honey or sugar to taste. If you add honey, the liquid may become cloudy. Intensively stir and allow to cool. Then cooled in the fridge and you can drink! Leave the sprigs in the tank or leave is your business, then aesthetics according to your desire. Have a nice refreshing swim!
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