Appetizer with tuna
Found this starter of tuna in one Italian magazine and it drew me to your original filing. Now you know what will cook this recipe again! The dish is prepared quite quickly, and it turns out very tasty and easy! Very bright and looks beautiful on the holiday table! PS the cooking Time in the recipe are subject to a cooling time of the prepared snacks in the fridge!


  • Tuna

    400 g

  • Pickled cucumber

    100 g

  • Capers

    30 g

  • Anchovies

    8 piece

  • Mashed potatoes

    100 g

  • Lemon

    4 piece

  • Salt

    1 g

  • Black pepper

    1 g


Canned tuna in oil, put in a colander and drain off the oil.
To prepare the lemons. How should they wash, cut one side of the top and knife (spoon) carefully remove all the flesh from the lemons, being careful not to damage the inside of the peel.
Put into blender with boiled potatoes, tuna, anchovy fillets and grind until smooth. Transfer to a bowl.
Separately cut into smaller pickled gherkins and capers.
Add them to the tuna mass and mix. Salt and pepper to taste. (be careful with salt, because the anchovy is already quite salty, taste the taste!).
Fill the resulting mousse lemons.
Thus prepared all the lemons store in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours.
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