Cheese balls
This is another blitz appetizer, which I was recently treated to guests. Recipe from mum's cookbook. Before you put it on the website, look through all the options available here are cheese balls. Found a lot of interesting recipes, but there is no such option. So I hope that someone and my recipe will come in handy! The basis of cheese, and inside - surprise!


  • Cheese

    250 g

  • Green olives

    18 piece

  • Mayonnaise

    1 tsp

  • Walnuts

    3 Tbsp


To prepare olives and nuts. Nuts I shredded the easiest way to make less dirty dishes. Just folded in the package, tied it on and hit the nuts with a hammer for meat.
Grate cheese on a fine grater, add just a spoonful of mayonnaise and stir. Mayonnaise only need to give the ground a light viscosity, but the curd should remain airy, not heavy.
From the cheese mass roll into balls the size of a small walnut, hiding in each ball in olive. Then tightly rolled the balls roll in nuts.
Serve with the skewers, it's more convenient to eat, especially if it is a buffet table. If time permits, then put the finished snack on an hour in the fridge, if not, serve immediately. Stuffed olives are very tasty and combined with the cheese and nuts turns out very tender and juicy. Just do not add any spices, garlic and herbs, not to kill the taste. Try my version, and will be satisfied! Bon appetit!
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