Decorating cupcakes
It turns out that snowmen can not only sculpt, but Christmas decorations are not only to hang on the tree. It's all still there, if they are on the cupcakes.


  • Soft cheese

    150 g

  • Butter

    200 g

  • Powdered sugar

    70 g

  • Mastic

  • The food dye


Bake cupcakes using your favorite recipe, let them cool completely. Recipes on the site a lot, so I decided not to add another, the principle is the same.
Softened butter whisking, add the icing sugar, continuing to whisk, add the soft cheese Slivochny. A very simple cream and one of my favorite cheese with a light acidity.
Cover the cupcakes with cream, it is well smoothed on the surface, and place in the fridge for half an hour.
For the decoration we will need a mastic white and multi-colored, tassels, nemnogo water or corn syrup (for bonding parts), 2 round cookie cutters, one slightly larger than the diameter of cupcake and the second is small (you can substitute a Cup or a glass and shot glass the right size), food coloring and glitter (if any).
White fondant roll out to 2-3 mm thick and cut a circle the diameter of a little more than a cupcake and placed on top of the cream, carefully spreading.
Colored mastic to cut the same decorative circle. Now, once again placing the mold on the middle of the circle, cut the Crescent is red. Grease the reverse side with water or syrup and glue on a cupcake. From the remainder cut a strip width of about 3 mm, a little pull, lubricates it with water or syrup and glue rim around the edge of the cap.
A toothpick to make stripes, mimicking the elastic band on the hat. Roll the ball, with a toothpick make holes - this bombon, and glue to the top of the cap. From the orange mastic forming a carrot-nose, and black or brown, as I have two little bead-eyes. The reverse side of the brush make two shallow depressions for the eyes and one in the middle for the nose. Lubricates syrup and glue the nose and eyes. A small round mold one side applied just below the carrots and lightly presses, thereby making the mouth.
The edges of the mouth again with the back of brush do dimples. Pink food paint is a powder blush and apply on top you can sprinkle with edible glitter.
Similarly, do the rest of the snowmen in colorful hats.
White fondant roll out 3 mm thick. Sprinkle cornstarch or powdered sugar and top to put a Mat with a picture press down lightly so that the pattern imprinted on the fondant and cut a circle the diameter of a little more than cupcakes. Lay the fondant on the cupcake and spread gently.
Gold food paint to dilute the vanilla extract or vodka (the alcohol will evaporate and the paint will dry quickly, danger to children, no) and a fine brush to paint patterns.
Roll two sausages of putty, one with a diameter of about 5 mm and a second very thin. From thick cut to about 1 cm, cut from one side. From thin to cut off a small piece and make a loop. Slit to lubricate with water or syrup, and insert the eyelet into the cut and connect the edges. A circle with a toothpick to make stripes.
Glue the tail to the cupcake and paint on top of edible gold paint. Sprinkle the bowl of the food sparkles.
Similarly make balls of other colors.
Happy New Year!!!
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