Bees putty
Offer you a master class of bees that you can decorate any dessert: cake, pie, cakes, candy...


  • Mastic

    120 g

  • Dark chocolate

    6 g

  • Petals

    26 piece

  • Honey

    1 Tbsp

  • Vodka

    1 Tbsp

  • Powdered sugar

    100 g


Yellow mastic sculpt figurines of bees. Cover them with honey vodka for Shine. I dried the pieces on foil, pre-crumpling it, so they are not pushed at each other. They can be of different sizes.
Using the straw cut out eyes from white mastic.
Chocolate to melt. I have already shared my method of melting the chocolate in the microwave when publishing a recipe for a beet-chocolate cake. So it does not clot and remains liquid for a long time.
Glue the white circles-eyes. Toothpick to paint dots on them, the spout.
A thin brush or toothpick to draw chocolate bees strips. And immediately, not frozen, chocolate stick almond petals. A slight pressure with a brush on the back, below the wings raised.
That is so funny work.
On the floret.
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