Homemade cottage cheese
... and the secrets of its preparation. This recipe of cottage cheese with some rules that not everybody knows. It took me a while to "correct" the cream cheese is soft, grainy, not sour. Remembered something from what you did before the grandmother in the village, how it came itself empirically. Fortunately, the effort was where to attach - and the elder and younger sons eat only homemade cottage cheese, natural and without preservatives. So, my "cheesecake algorithm"!


  • Milk

    2 l

  • Sugar

    2 tsp


Take 2 liters of natural, fresh milk (this is rule # 1). From the old, percussio milk good cheese will not work.
Pour the milk into a saucepan. It can be anything, not enamelled (rule # 2), and then burn when heated. You know, then what happens, or rather don't get anything good.
Then everything is simple. Leave the saucepan in the kitchen - on the table or on the stove, closer to the heat, for 30 (thirty) hours. The most important rule # 3 - NOTHING IN a SAUCEPAN to INTERFERE. Forget that You have the spoons for making curd. Before that I had thought for the longest time. I wanted to get a good cheese, and it turned out dry melkorublenoy or putty. So, I repeat: during the preparation of cottage cheese is nothing to disturb it is impossible, you need to give curd to form a good clot.
After 30 hours You will see the following picture: the milk turn sour, and become this is the kind of yogurt with a small amount of liquid. In the pictures I tried to show the liquid.
Next, put yogurt on a very small fire (rule # 4) and heat, but to boil not to bring (rule # 5). Nothing to interfere. On the edge of curdled milk appear small bubbles. Heated to a condition when the saucepan will be hot to touch with your hand.
Turn off the heat and leave the saucepan to cool down a little. That is to say, to Mature. 10 hours. I left for the night. During this time the yogurt will thicken and as it separates from the sides of the pan. Whey should be transparent.
Throws cheese in cheesecloth. The serum does not pour out. It can be used for making dough. It is very gentle and has a light serum.
Hang the curds over the sink. Keep it so until then, until you cease to drip the last drop. I got approximately 1 hour.
After an hour, we get the following picture. Rule # 6 - don't peredergivaete curd in the cheesecloth, otherwise it will be dry.
Put the finished cheese in a bowl. In the fridge it is easily stored 3-5 days in the freshest condition. And what of his tvorojniki delicate, not sour at all. And filling for cheesecakes... And the youngest eats it with sugar and milk. And You good appetite!
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