Decoration for cake
Fly, fly petal through the West to the East, through the North through the South back making a circle. How will you relate to earth, be in my led! So many years have passed, and I remember this poem from one of my favorite fairy tales of childhood "Tsvetik-Semitsvetik". Here's a flower will soon decorate the cake. To be continued...


  • Starch

  • The food dye

    6 piece

  • Mastic

    6 piece


In addition to mastic, dye and starch we will need a silicone Mat (or Board), rolling pin, toothpick, and 6 round molds of different diameters to each was little more than the previous one. If there are no molds, you can choose the size of Cup, cups, drink, etc. to Dye the fondant in the colors of the rainbow, I chose not highly bright, since making a cake for a 12 year old girl and I wish that you'd be gentle.
Let's start with pink. Sprinkle the Mat or a Board starch that mastic did not stick. Roll out pink fondant and cut out the largest circle.
Pressing the toothpick to the edge of a mug of rolled it back and forth a couple of times. Swap 2-3 mm and doing the same motion again. And so the circle until the end. We have obtained the rein.
The right size of a bowl top with good (but without fanaticism) starch and laid there pink circle with frills.
The next color is orange. Roll out the orange fondant and cut out a circle slightly smaller diameter than the pink. Done the same with orange circle: a toothpick rolled along the edge back and forth across the circle, moving the toothpick.
Put the finished orange circle in a bowl on top of the pink.
The next color is yellow. Cut out a circle from the yellow mastic slightly smaller diameter than the orange and make the edges the same way as on the previous circles.
Put yellow circle ready in a bowl on top of the orange.
Next green, a slightly smaller diameter than the yellow, and the same method do the edges.
Send a green circle in a bowl on top yellow.
The sequence is already clear, and now turn to blue paste. A circle of a diameter slightly less than the green, the method is the same.
Blue circle with frills goes into the same bowl from above to green.
And finally, lilac (purple) color. This will be the last and smallest circle. We repeat again and frill finish.
Put the last circle with frills on the blue. A special device to paste a ball on the end (if you don't have - it doesn't matter, use the thumb) slightly to press the middle, making a small indentation.
Smear the middle, or honey, or water, or syrup, in the house there. Me when dealing with fondant, I like to stick with corn syrup. So this time I did. And in the middle insert (again that includes) or candy jelly beans (I have pearl), pours or sprinkles, can sugar, or roll a ball of putty. Leave to dry for 2 days.
After a couple of days to get our flower gently, otrajeniem brush the starch on the reverse side and... TA-dam! Ready! Now he will wait for his cake. To be continued... in the same way you can make the flower the same color with the transition of tones from the darkest to the lightest.
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